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Case Study: How Does DXDF Design Realistic Wax Figures for Museum Projects | DXDF, Grand Orient Wax Figure

December 16, 2022

Few people are aware that waxwork art has been around for centuries. Realistic wax figures have evolved to be lifelike; the sharpest eye struggles to differentiate from their originals. The evolution of wax technology allows wax artists to produce the highest craftsmanship showcasing their rare talents.

Realistic wax figures are commonly found in museums throughout the world. High-quality, realistic wax figures created by wax artists can add to the museum's vitality. DXDF (Grand Orient Wax Art Co., Ltd) creates the highest-quality art for each wax museum project.


DXDF Grand Oriental Wax Art Company

DXDF is a wax art company and leader in delivering high-quality realistic wax figures. We have a rich experience in both production and exhibition of realistic wax figures. DXDF employs highly talented wax artists. The art produced by DXDF wax artists is proudly displayed in museums worldwide. Some of the wax museum projects completed by DXDF are:

·    Weimukailai Gulangyu Wax Museum: 1500 square meters, 80 wax statues

·         Weimukailai Guangzhou Wax Museum: 1200 square meters, 80 wax statues

·         Weimukailai Tibet Wax Museum: 750 square meters, 60 wax statues

·         Malaysia Red Carpet Wax Museum: 2400 square meters, 100 wax statues

·         Xiamen WeiMuKaiLa Wax Museum: 1300 square meters, 70 wax statues

·    WeiMuKaiLa Wax Museum in Jinan, China: 3800 square meters, 100 wax statues

·    WeiMuKaiLa Wax Museum in Dalian, China


How DXDF Navigates Wax Museum Projects

When DXDF accepts a wax museum project, we follow a specific approach that ensures the most realistic experience for all museum visitors. Each exhibit's careful detail and precision produce the most realistic wax figures in their historical surroundings.

1.      Establish the Theme

Upon accepting a wax museum project, DXDF first establishes the theme of the space they are working. A well-established theme ensures the best visitor experience.

When working on the wax museum project for WeiMuKaiLa Wax Museum in Jinan, China, DXDF was tasked with setting up 16 different themed exhibition areas. These themed spaces consisted of traditional Chinese culture, martial arts, DC and Marvel, and music, to name a few. With 16 different themes in one museum, it was essential to ensure each theme captivated the onlookers. DXDF researched each theme and carefully planned all aspects, including colors, brands, and lighting.

2.      Interactive Areas

Keeping visitors involved is vital for memories and word-of-mouth advertisement. If visitors make great memories, they will share their experiences with their networks, resulting in a strong brand and reputation for the museum. While working with WeiMuKaiLa Wax Museum in Dalian, China, on their wax museum project, each interactive area was the main focus. 

Space was limited for this project due to the location being on the fifth floor of a building. The creativity of DXDF was put on display both figuratively and literally. DXDF developed interactive attractions that included soccer, billiards, and figures wearing space suites waving and talking to onlookers.

3.      Well-Designed Layout


DXDF is a master at designing cutting-edge layouts that complement its realistic wax figures and also an expert at designing layouts for wax museum projects that are efficient and creative. The Weimukailai Gulangyu Wax Museum project used wax artists and engineers to design a layout focused on large space scenes. Using custom glass walls, soft furnishing as props, and special materials with unique textures, DXDF created a themed set that looks and feels like outer space.

4.      Premium Sense of Space

Humanity knows very little about outer space. What we do know is mesmerizing. Many have attempted to recreate the look and feel of outer space. Still, few have succeeded, as convincing as DXDF's recreation of outer space for the Weimukailai Gulangyu Wax Museum project. DXDF used creative techniques, special lighting, and materials, resulting in a premium look and feel of the great unknown.

5.      Statue Related Room Decoration

The Weimukailai Gulangyu Wax Museum is one of China's most popular and visited attractions. DXDF redesigned the museum in 2019, introducing a coordinated assortment of realistic wax figures and decorations that would be relevant to each character. DXDF researched and procured each decoration, ensuring the theme and experience were 100% accurate. The Weimukailai Gulangyu Wax Museum now enjoys increased visits that are well beyond past years.


Wax Art Design and Supply Service

If you are in the wax art, design, or supplies market, DXDF is ready to help you meet your goals. DXDF specializes in creating realistic wax figures, themed sets for museums, or customized wax figures for your collection. Backed by a strong warranty, years of experience, and cutting-edge technology, DXDF’s Grand Oriental Wax Art service stands ready to meet your needs.



DXDF is an industry leader in creating realistic wax figures and continues to excel in this market. Employing the best wax artists, DXDF is often the first choice when needing to deliver the most accurate realistic wax figures for wax museum projects worldwide. If you need the best wax figure designer, wait no longer, and contact us to get the best price!

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