• Confirm what face and position for the statue to get the correct quote.
  • After received down payment we will ask sculptor create a clay model and share you the work progress.
  • Send you multi angle pictures and videos of the clay model for approval.
  • Proceed with moulding after got your confirmation of the clay model.

  • Use mold to make silicone statue,and do make up,hair implantation,and customize clothes etc per the design.
  • After finished the statue,we provide videos and pictures of the statue to customer for inspection,we can do adjustment untill customer is satisfied.
  • Check shipping cost and arrange the air or sea shipment to delivery.

  • 2 years free maintenance provided,but the travel expenses of the related workers need to be charged back.


Production Process

One stop solution service from concept design, scheme, program design, construction, decoration to operation suggestion.

  • 1. Measurements collection
    1. Measurements collection
  • 2. Sculpture
    2. Sculpture
  • 3. Client confirm the Clay Model
    3. Client confirm the Clay Model
  • 04. Making Mould
    04. Making Mould
  • 5. Try-on Clothes
    5. Try-on Clothes
  • 6. Color Processing
    6. Color Processing
  • 7. Hair implants
    7. Hair implants
  • 8. Beard implants
    8. Beard implants
  • 9. Top Artist Inspection
    9. Top Artist Inspection
  • 10. Finished statue
    10. Finished statue
  • 11. Unveil Wax Figure
    11. Unveil Wax Figure
  • 12. package
    12. package


DXDF is the wax expert and passional for wax statues. Get in touch with us. Here you can know details of our services:

1. custom wax figures: We can make any silicone wax statue according to your requirement. MOQ is 1. Also accept Large amount orders.

2.  making process: You can know more details ( with video) about how we make wax figure. 

3. wax museum project: As a one-stop wax figure maker, we can help you design museum,decoration museum and provide you operation suggestions.


Get In Touch With Us

The first thing we do is meeting with our clients and talk through their goals on a future project.
During this meeting, feel free to communicate your ideas and ask lots of questions.

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