"Wax museum would be distinctive, educational, innovative and monumental because it would focus on different rich culture, historical characters and traditions, international stars and fashion popular factors . It is an excellent opportunity for a recreation that is outside of the ordinary without having to board a flight. Rarity is evident because of the attention grabbing displays and it can rarely be replicated."  a very good comments from one of our fan Angelic Heart.

Weimukailai Gulangyu Wax Museum
WeiMuKaiLa (Gulangyu) Wax Museum size of this museum is 100 meter squares, total set up 80 wax statues
client feedback
client feedback.
Weimukailai Guangzhou Wax Museum
WeiMuKaiLa (Guangzhou) Wax Museum is located in the first floor of the Carton Tower, this museum is 1200 meter squares and 80 wax statues,each wax statue in this museum are very stunning, and it has raised a new step in the background design,in the future, many of the unveiling of celebrity wax figures will be held here.
Malaysia Red Carpet Wax Museum
Malaysia Red Carpet Wax Museum size of this museum is 2400 meter squares,total set up 80 wax statues.Malaysia's Minister of Tourism and Culture Mr.Nazri was invited to attend the opening,the opening ceremony has received warm attention from many Malaysian media,this museum already become a famous attraction in Malaysia.
Weimukailai Tibet Wax Museum
WeiMuKaiLa (Tibet) Wax Museum size of this museum is 750 meter squares,total set up 60 wax statues,The scenes and characters of this wax museum fully demonstrate the local culture.