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May 06, 2022

Why do you need to maintain silicone wax figures


The exposed parts of the wax figure are mainly the face and hands. Most silicone wax figures are silicone, and some are made of wax and resin. But in fact, the wax material will be lost over time and will be more fragile; The part that is not exposed is the body. Most of the accessories and feet are made of relatively rigid materials such as glass fibre reinforced plastic. The outside is equipped with corresponding clothing, so maintenance is relatively simple. The raw material properties of a wax figure determine its susceptibility to corrosion, mildew, cracking and passivation.


Most silicone wax figures are exhibited in relatively fixed and closed indoor museum. The position is relatively fixed, which ensures that the air environment in the wax museum is relatively stable, which is conducive to the protection of wax figures; on the other hand, the life of the wax figure is related to the indoor air environment. The air quality of the exhibition hall directly determines the life of the wax figure. The display characteristics of the wax figure and the characteristics of the raw materials determine that the museum staff should pay attention to the air environment of the exhibition hall.


It would help if you had to pay attention: to environmental concerns for silicone wax museums


1.    Acid gas oxides are widely present in the air and it is difficult to prevent their entry;

2.    In the process of building exhibition halls with modern building decoration materials, a large amount of formaldehyde will be released;

3.    Various volatile organic compounds;

4.    The movement of visitors in the museum hall may cause air pollution;

5.    The costumes, props and cultural relics equipped with wax figures in the museum hall will also have a specific impact on the air environment;

6.    The wax museum needs to maintain a specific room temperature;


The air pollution factors that cause wax figures in museum exhibition halls impact the exposed parts of the wax figures. If the control is not reasonable, it will accelerate the corrosion, mildew and cracking of the wax figure, thereby reducing the life of the wax figure.


Two main points - maintenance of silicone wax figures


1.    The storage environment of wax figures


l  l Make sure that the external environment does not corrode the wax works;

l  Ensure good ventilation in the wax art exhibition hall;

l  Make sure that the wax works are not corroded by the external environment;



2. The daily maintenance of wax figures has the following methods


l  l When cleaning the wax figure, the exposed and non-exposed parts must be separated. Generally speaking, the non-exposed part, including hair, clothing, props, etc., must be cleaned first, and then the exposed part.

l  For the cleaning of the non-exposed parts, the steps should be vacuuming, grooming, and then ironing the clothes; for cleaning the exposed parts, you should be more careful, and the steps should be to wipe the face and hands with a wool brush. Wipe gently with a slightly damp towel, touch up makeup, and clean it thoroughly once a month.

l  To ensure that the external chemical environment does not erode the wax figures. We recommend using anti-corrosion and anti-mildew chemicals in the exhibition hall, which can guarantee good air quality for the wax figure and the exhibition hall.

Professional Silicone Wax Figure Manufacturing & Wax Figure Museum Project | Grand Orient Wax Art Co., Ltd.


Making a lifelike figure needs time and experts. Besides that, you need complex tools, materials, and artistic talent. Additionally, sculptors have to take precise measurements and characteristics before the figure comes to life. They record each detail, such as beauty marks, moles, eye color, and visible tattoos. Therefore, you need a professional silicone wax expert to get the best results. DXDF has years of experience and talent to make the best wax figures for you, our wax figures have a good lifespan and are easy to maintain if you are looking for real silicone wax figures. Contact us for your waxwork project!


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