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Top 10 Best Wax Mannequins of Celebrities and Reasons? | DXDF,Grand Orient Wax Figure Factory

July 07, 2023
Top 10 Best Wax Mannequins of Celebrities and Reasons? | DXDF,Grand Orient Wax Figure Factory

1. Cristiano Ronaldo


Look at the elite player from Juventus – His striking haircut, earrings, and muscle are perfectly captured in his wax figure. No wonder his admirers are so obsessed with Cristiano Ronaldo’s wax figure. Best wax statue ever!

2. Zendaya


Which one is the real Zendaya? The same makeup, the same wheatish skin, the same (and her iconic) smile, the same impressive styling. 100% similarity!

3. Emma Watson


The wax statue of Emma Watson has bought us back to the romantic movie Beauty and the Beast. There is pure but also bravery and wisdom in her eyes. Her posture is natural, with a rose held in her hands. The right side of her cherry lips lifts, showing her confidence. That’s exactly the Belle we are familiar with.

4. Kylie Jenner


The wax figure artist of Kylie Jenner has even restored her baby hair on the hairline! People comment that it is one of the best wax figures, as it is literally her twin. From head to toe, this wax figure is full of details.

5. Angelina Jolie


Jolie’s wax statue is as dignified and elegant as usual. Her facial features are remarkably accurate, including her green eyes and gorgeous red lips. When you get closer, you can even feel the skin texture and see the veins under the skin.

6. Jason Derulo


Jason is in the air! The jumping posture has added excessive vividness to this wax figure. It is the best wax figure that shows how to create a lifelike figure with dynamic posture.

7. Rihanna


This vintage style is taken from Rihanna’s wearing on Victoria’s Secret Fashion show. The black satin gown, pearl choker, and gorgeous sunglasses are returning the charming Rihanna. The henna-style tattoo on her right hand is also added, making it one of the best wax figures full of details.

8. Anne Hathaway


The white queen is sitting in front of you – with her light gold hair, pale skin, shadowed eyes, and dark lips. The white dress and restrained sitting position have set off her elegance and gracefulness.

9. Brad Pitt


This is not the most handsome Brad Pitt wax figure, but it is close to his image. The sharp edges, wrinkles, and beard have built his image of a tough guy, while the decent suit has put him on a gentle appearance.

10. Salvador Dali


Salvador Dali is known for his outstanding and great contribution to surrealist art and also his iconic mustache. This is the best wax figure which shows Salvador Dali’s classical facial expression.


Why Are They the Best Wax Figures?

As you look into the reasons why the top 10 best wax figures are lifelike, you will surely find out that these factors matter a lot:


Iconic facial expression

Skin tone

l Posture


Impressive styling

Representative details

A professional wax figure artist can always capture the features and characteristics of a celebrity, and DXDF Art has 20 of them preparing to create a vivid wax figure for you. Contact DXDF and get ready to be impressed by their realistic celebrity wax figures!

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