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Clone By Wax, Artist Zhou Xuerong And Her DNA Wax Figure | DXDF, Grand Orient Wax Figure

November 05, 2018

Clone By Wax, Artist Zhou Xuerong And Her DNA Wax Figure

Artist Zhou Xuerong's Gold Award Wax Work "Qin Jia"

After the wax works appeared at the art fair, they became the favourite of the media and the crowd. The booth was surrounded by people holding all kinds of cameras and cellphones. This kind of scene made people feel accustomed to it, because the situation is basically the same at every exhibition. What Zhou Xuerong did not expect was that after participating in the Guangzhou Art Fair, the influence of her works in the art circles expanded rapidly, and it was highly praised and affirmed by many artists. "This art fair that has achieved unprecedented influence and affirmation in the art circles. The biggest gain of the Art Fair is the encouragement it gives us, and it is the spur to us," said she.

Origin of Creation

Back in time to the 2016 (Zhongshan) 3rd International Youth Art Fair "Future of Art". At the invitation of the Zhongshan Municipal Government, Zhongshan Grand Orient Wax Art presented its exhibited works. Because it was exhibited locally, the founder Zhou Xuerong attached great importance to this exhibition. In the exhibition hall, she carefully observed the art works on display. Zhou was very surprised when she saw Leng Jun's original work. She has been engaged in super-realistic sculpture art, wax art creation for many years. And have long admired the super-realistic oil painting master Leng Jun. She stopped and watched several works by Mr. Leng for half an hour.


After viewing Leng Jun's original work, she approached the organizer, that hoping to contact Mr. Leng through the organizer. The organizer recommended a artist named Liu Xin, a good friend of Leng Jun. During the conversation between them, Zhou expressed her wish to create a wax figure for Mr. Leng, and invited Liu Xin and other artists to visit Grand Orient Wax Art.


The artists expressed their respect for Zhou's obscurity for nearly two decades. Then seeing the wax figure making process, they affirmed: "The spirit of craftsmanship is just like this." And Mr. Liu affirmed her idea of creating a wax figure of Mr. Leng. He thought it was very meaningful. He communicated with Mr. Leng and reached the creation of the wax figure of Mr. Leng himself waxwork production intention.

The creative process is a pious, artistic exploration and exchange 

When Mr. Leng agreed, Zhou began preparations for wax figure creation. First of all, she had a systematic and comprehensive understanding of Mr. Leng. "The previous understanding was on the public, and now it is necessary to have a in-depth and professional understanding of Mr. Leng about his life, creation, character, etc." "Like Mr. Leng's extremely realistic technique, the wax figures are also created through extremely realistic techniques to create the essence, spirit and soul of the object. What the audience sees is the appearance. For the creator, each detail is created through the subjective processing of the creator. An outstanding wax figure is also full of strength of character," she said.


After about a month of preparation and accumulation, the creative team began to make appointments with Mr. Leng. The team tailored for Leng Jun was the largest number of teams sent by Grand Orient Wax Art in its history. "This is a rare opportunity for learning and exchange," Zhou said, she organized all the core members of the company's sculpture, color and other positions. The seven members of the team went to Wuhan to tailor for Leng Jun.


In order to achieve the ultimate level of wax figure creation and give the wax figure a more real meaning of life, Zhou boldly put forward a creative idea: "can I ask Mr. Leng to contribute your own hair, so that to create a wax figure with your DNA?" At the first meeting, Zhou expressed her creative ideas to Mr. Leng. What she did not expect was that Mr. Leng readily agreed. "When my hair grows longer and meets your needs, I will call you," Mr. Leng replied. Three months later, Zhou took a hair stylist and a colorist to Wuhan once again to collect the creative materials of Mr. Leng's hair, clothes, shoes, glasses, brushes, chairs, etc. He laughed and said, "Be yours modeling is more difficult than being mine. Even the hair has been confiscated by you."

After measuring the body, Zhou started to create, and the wax figure creation took a whole year. During the entire waxwork creation process, Zhou and Leng kept communicating. "We met three times in total. And keep in touch in every step of the creation process to avoid the details of the creation will be overlooked. Fortunately, Mr. Leng was very supportive of the creation of wax figure. After the results of our creation process were sent to him, he seriously provided guidance and suggestions every time. His suggestions are very professional and have been very helpful to the creation," said Zhou.


When the creation of the wax figure mud draft was completed, the team invited Mr. Leng to Zhongshan to provide guidance for the mud draft. This was the third meeting. Mr. Leng looked at the "other self" that had not yet been fully formed, concentrated and carefully examined him. He think the mud manuscripts are done very well. He put forward some ideas and suggestions in terms of color. This visit has benefited the team a lot. The wax figure he proposed should keep this kind of "moisturizing" effect in eyes and eyelids. The gloss of the skin on the face should be naturally shining with a slight oily shine, and the wax figure clothing needs to have details such as "a real person wore it will have a better effect", which will improve the creative team and give a lot of help. The sculptor refined and perfected his understanding based on the look of Leng himself once again. After the work was completed, Zhou sent the photos to Leng as soon as possible, and he replied "God! Masterpiece!". "I was so relieved with this comment from him," Zhou described her feelings at the time.

Leng Jun's attitude towards art makes his creation sublimated

Ten years ago, Leng Jun's oil painting was disassembled for inspection during the competition. The judges doubted that this work was too realistic, "Is this really painted?". After argumentation, this work was suspected of being a photograph was finally identified as a painting. And this portrait named "Xiao Luo", won the painting academy award that year.


Standing in front of Leng Jun's work, even if you don't understand oil painting, you can still feel a thrilling power. Through layers of oil paint, what he brings us is silence, coldness and profoundness. "If a painting has no inner spirit, it is a failure," Du Fu once wrote in a poem that good works must have the strength of character and the inside "essence". However, Leng used ordinary brushes to mix paint and thoughts to show his understanding of painting arbitrarily on the canvas. Under his hand, the paintbrush has its soul and the works have its character.


Leng's works are unique in today's Chinese painting circles with his unique ideas combined with extraordinary artistic skills. The greatest feature of his works is extreme realism. Standing in his paintings, the viewers are all impressed by the subtle images and techniques of his paintings. Not only that, because the penetration of contemporary themes and content has also formed a comprehensive spiritual tension for the viewers, the soul is strongly shaken! Leng's "sketching" is regarded as a way of expression to ensure the vividness, richness and reliability of the source of picture information. As well as the way of expression that inspires action. When he was painting, he often has to approach the object, scanning to find and experience every detail needed, in-depth part, and overall observation, so as to make the picture full and the perfect unity of details and overall effect.

"This time creating a wax figure of Leng Jun is an opportunity to learn more about him. After you get to know it, you will find that this is a spirit and attitude of the painter, which has made his work. The communicating between us, I learned that Mr. Leng did not sleep for several days in order to create, and devoted himself to the creation all alone in the studio. I did not expect that Mr. Leng attaches so much importance, attentiveness and support to our creation, and with his guidance and support, we finally can meet this work "Leng Jun", " Zhou said. She had a lot of feelings about the creation.

The response to the art circles after the work exhibited was unexpected


After the work of "Leng Jun" was completed, in what way to met with the audience was a question that the team needs to face. Because of the status of Mr. Leng as an artist, the team gave up the traditional way of exhibiting in the wax museum. "I wanted it to be more pure," Zhou said. After the discussion, they decided to make an appearance with the consent of Mr. Leng in China (Guangzhou) Art Fair.

Artist Zhou Xuerong's wax work "Leng Jun"


It was risky for the team to exhibit the new work at the art fair instead of the wax museum. First, the wax museum is its home field, and secondly, for the wax museum's celebrity wax figure unveiling event, the Grand Orient Wax Art is already familiar with. According to incomplete statistics, the "Believe in the Power of Dreams and the Unveiling of the Wax Figure of Wang Baoqiang" held in 2017 showed that the click rate of new media alone reached hundreds of millions. But this time, Zhou decided to change her previous practice. She hoped to "return to art itself".


After the works were exhibited, as expected, the media and the audience surrounded the booth around, and the Grand Orient Wax Art quickly became the hottest booth in the art fair. For Zhou, it was already "not surprising".


With the exhibition going on, some media began to sent out interview invitations, and many artists and critics posted on WeChat Moments and Weibo, and they highly regarded. This is rare in the past. When the team sent these screenshots to Mr. Leng, he replied, "I know, the Wechat Moments and the art circles have gone crazy these days. You have made a great masterpiece, keep on working hard."


After the exhibition, the media and artists all wanted to visit Zhongshan to find out. "Many artists have sent me screenshots of the Wechat Moments, and the content is mostly the artists' affirmation of the "Leng Jun" wax work, some friends even joked that "Leng Jun is been painted realistic this time". When I received more and more information of this kind, I realized that the response of this exhibition in the art circles was so strong that it exceeded my expectations," Zhou said.

Zhongshan Grand Orient Wax Art Co.,Ltd, Chinese National Brand Wax Museum


Zhongshan Grand Orient Wax Art Co.,Ltd is located in Zhongshan, Guangdong. It started to create wax figures in 1999. It is the production center of great man wax museum of China. It is the only wax figure creation agency authorized by many celebrities in China. Shen Haixiong, Deputy Director of the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee and Director of the Central Radio and Television Station. When he was the Member of the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Minister of the Propaganda Department, he inspected the Zhongshan Grand Orient Wax Art and encouraged them : "From cultural awareness to cultural self-confidence, to build a Chinese National Brand Wax Museum".


"What we created is not only a wax figure, but also a kind of spirit," Zhou Xuerong finally told the reporter.

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