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Visual DNA: The "People" Project | DXDF, Grand Orient Wax Figure

January 06, 2022

The "Visual DNA: Making 'People' Project" of Grand Orient Wax Art Company takes traditional wax figures as the visual expression language, uses the ultra-realistic method of restoring DNA level, explores the core of life, and creates a series of wax figures with the themes of people, family and friends, and uses The theme is people, family and friends.

Visual DNA No.1: Leng Jun
Life drifts away with the wind, but only art can remain.

Leng Jun, an oil painter, is a leading figure in contemporary Chinese hyper-realism oil painting, and his works are in the style of hyper-realism. The wax figure creation pursues realism, which coincides with Leng Jun's creative style. 

The reason for choosing Leng Jun as the 1number one character of visual DNA is that we hope to magnify the meaning of finding and framing life and present the value of "human being" through their similar creative concepts. This is the common direction and insistence of the "Grand Orient Wax Art" project and the artist Leng Jun in the pursuit of art.

Visual DNA No.2: In-laws

Life is lonely, home, give us infinite warmth.


In the long-standing bloodline culture of the East, "in-laws" are an important link between many strange families. The strangeness, conflict, and familiarity between different cultures and families all rely on in-laws to maintain and balance.


Grandfather looking at the chess board and Grandfather holding the pieces, originally they are not connected, but because of the establishment of a small family, the intimacy between the two families is connected. Laughter, tears, hugs and partings, all these emotions flow through the family's emotions and are finally transformed into warm memories between them.

Visual DNA No.3: On the Road

Life goes on, with friends as companions, we are always on the road.


It is better to read a thousand books than to travel a thousand miles. We use our feet to measure how wide the earth is and our eyes to measure how high the sky is, to keep company with friends and to make new friends, and to keep walking, always on the road.


"Grand Orient Wax Art" takes traditional wax figure as the language of expression and uses hyper-realistic creation techniques to restore the image of people, and keeps improving the level of creation and techniques.

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