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WeiMuKaiLa is a wax museum brand founded by Chinese craft master Ms. Zhou Xuerong in 2013, with the mission of "creating a Chinese national brand wax museum", focusing on the promotion and development of the wax art business, refreshing the world's traditional perception of wax museums and bringing a refreshing wax museum experience to the audience.

The wax museum sticks to the original heart of art, carves the brand essence with the heart of craftsman, integrates modern technology, polishes historical marks, transmits Chinese cultural splendor, takes the wax figure display of celebrities as the highlight, and takes the inheritance and dissemination of Chinese culture as its responsibility. Here you will see the breathtaking wax statue technology, meet the celebrity stars that make you ecstatic, and experience the unprecedented amazement. 

Since its foundation, we have opened wax museums with different themes in Guangzhou, Changsha, Dalian, Malaysia and many other places around the world. Through video technology, artificial intelligence, innovative scene design and other display means to create a different wax museum for the audience to visit, interact and experience as a whole, so that the audience can immerse themselves in the scene and linger. 

Development History
  •     1999 Devoted to the research and creation of wax figure art 

  •   2013 Opening of Xiamen Red Carpet Wax Museum

  • ◪   2013 Opening of I-CITY Red Carpet Celebrity Wax Museum in Malaysia

  •    2014 WeiMuKaiLa® wax museum brand was officially established

  •    2015 Opening of Lijiang WeiMuKaiLa Wax Museum

  •   2016 Opening of Changsha WeiMuKaiLa Wax Museum

  •    2017 Opening of Dalian WeiMuKaiLa Wax Museum

  •   2019 Opening of Guangzhou WeiMuKaiLa Wax Museum

  • ◪   2020 the opening of the newly upgraded Red Carpet Wax Museum of Art in Xiamen

  •   2021 Opening of Lhasa WeiMuKaiLa Wax Museum

  •    2021 Opening of Jinan Curtain Up Wax Museum

In 2022, WeiMuKaiLa will continue to march towards "more than wax museum.

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