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Want to do a life size wax sculpture for personal collection? 

Come to our factory or we tell you how to do it step by step online, we can make sure your wax figure comes out similar up to 99% to 99.5%.





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DXDF Wax Art
As a professional wax figure supplier and wax museum operator,Grand Orient Wax Art(DXDF) believes that our statues can gives our customer an edge over their competitors.

Super realistic wax figures with good quality and safe materials

Super similarity:

 for both face and body shape up to 99.5%

Platinum silicone:

colorless, odorless and oil-free,highest grade for food products.

Customized pigments:

make up vivid and long-lasting

Customized outfit: 

makes the sculpture look more classy

Our wax statue
Silicone material looks comfortable,make up vivid,each hair feels like it is growing just where they were
Silicone material looks greasy and the makeup appears gray,hair line looks stiff, lack of fine hair in front of the forehead
for customized private wax figures

Send picture or designs to our company and tell us what face and position you want to make
Our sculptor team will sculpture a clay model for your confirmation or make 3D data for molds from your files
Once we finish the clay model ,we will send pictures to you confirmation before molding

Proceed with molding and make silicone wax sculptures.

Coloring the sculpture, do hair implant, eyes, tooth, custom to do clothes etc as per the design and pictures for approval
Arrange the air or sea shipment to deliver
Please don't contact us for more questions.
  • Q1:Do you guys make statues from pictures?
    A1:The answer is yes,we are trying to get more celebrities authorization,but most of celebrities statues still need to be made from pictures yet, and for old people we can only make their statues from pictures.
  • Q2:When can I get the price?
    A2:We usually quote within 12 hours after we get your inquiry. If you are very urgent to get the price, please call us.
  • Q3:How long can I expect to get the sample/products?
    A3:Usually, it will be ready for delivery in 4 months if the wax figure is new that we do not have mould, but one month for our existing wax figure.  For samples, because all figures are 1:1life size, the volume is very big and transportation cost will be huge, so we would like our clients visit our factory to see samples.
  • Q4:What kind of shipping you use?
    A4:Consider the volume is huge, sea shipment will be better, so if you want to have an order, you had better send us your order information early.  Sure,the air shipment or express is operational.
  • Q5:What is your warranty?
    A5:Because all figures need make up on face and hands,there will be some fade issues after a long time,regular maintenance will be necessary for figures every 6 months.we provide a year free maintenance, after that we provide free labor,but the ticket fare and lodging fee of the trip will charge back.   We will teach our customers do routine attention for figures to make sure the statues perfect every day.
  • Q6:If my statue is broken when I get it, what should I do?
    A6: It is not common that you receive one broken products,but to be honest,it may happen because of some accidents during transportation.The goods may be broken because of violent collision caused by ship, truck or careless handling. Please take several photos of the packing before you open it.  No matter whose responsibility it is, if the product is broken we will provide the appropriate parts to you for free. 

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