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1.Q2:When can I get the price?
A2:We usually quote within 12 hours after we get your inquiry. If you are very urgent to get the price, please call us.
2.Q3:How long can I expect to get the sample/products?
A3:Usually, it will be ready for delivery in 4 months if the wax figure is new that we do not have mould, but one month for our existing wax figure.  For samples, because all figures are 1:1life size, the volume is very big and transportation cost will be huge, so we would like our clients visit our factory to see samples.
3.Q1:Do you guys make statues from pictures?
A1:The answer is yes,we are trying to get more celebrities authorization,but most of celebrities statues still need to be made from pictures yet, and for old people we can only make their statues from pictures.


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About DXDF,Grand Orient Wax Figure

Zhongshan Grand Orient Wax Art Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest organizations making waxwork creations in China. We have been specializing in waxwork study and creation for nearly 20 years.(Grand Orient subordinated to Elephant Sculpture Art, which was established in 2000,the group company has played the leading role in wax figures creation, and design,decoration/construction for wax museum and indoor & outdoor theme park.). Our team consisting of the R&D team, sculptor team,3D team, production team, and after sales team. A total of 20 artists are responsible for the appearance of the statues. Now we have our own national brand wax museum “Wei Mu Kai La”. The waxworks are widely received by the community and highly recognized by social elites, celebrities and stars. We are authorized by more than 100 celebrities from China and abroad. And our wax museum “Wei Mu Kai La” also growing fast in important culture and tourism cities at home and abroad, including Malaysia, Guangzhou, Changsha, Xiamen, Dalian, Lijiang and Tibet etc. The Chinese brand wax museum is born.

52 groups of scientific masters from different fields witness the great moment of condensation together

Grandview World Science Figures Wax Museum was created by the wax figure artist Zhou Xuerong, after 52 groups were selected by science expert Professor Sun Weixin, a total of 57 scientists who promoted the development of world civilization.

These great people include the discoverers of the laws of physics, the observers of astronomical phenomena, the inventors of medical treatments, the creators of automobiles, airplanes, rockets, and the inventors of air conditioners, refrigerators, microwave ovens and so on!

The characters are all-encompassing, showing the history of human science and technology development in the past two thousand years. At the same time, the wax museum also produces and displays animated short films for each group of wax figures, explaining the life stories of scientific figures and their great contributions to world civilization.

57 scientists cover talents in different fields from ancient and modern China and abroad

In the keynote speech at the unveiling site, Ms. Zhou Xuerong shared her artistic creation, saying that this creative project requires an in-depth understanding of the life stories and contributions of each scientific figure, and then makes wax sculptures in order to perfectly present the discovery moment of each scientist.

Ms. Zhou Xuerong shared her artistic creation

Lecture site

After 547 days of creation, we will reveal the secrets behind you

All the wax figures in Grandview World Science Figures Wax Museum are from the Grand Orient wax figure creation team founded by craft master Zhou Xuerong.

Grand Orient is one of the earliest institutions engaged in the creation of wax figures in China, and it is also the first wax figure institution in China that has obtained the authorization of wax figures of many celebrities. Mr. Zhou, who has been engaged in the creation of wax figures for more than 20 years, has always paid attention to the combination of artistic aesthetics and craftsmanship skills, bringing shocking visual experience to the audience.

Ms. Zhou Xuerong, the founder of Grand Orient, is creating a wax figure

Scientist wax figure created by the Grand Orient team

In the process of making this wax figure, the Grand Orient team conducted professional research on the age, appearance and posture of scientific figures when they made major discoveries or inventions, combining the costume accessories, table and chair props and experimental instruments of the era, a perfect simulation of the scientist himself and his working environment is created.

Scientist wax figure created by the Grand Orient team

The art of wax figures is loved by more and more people, and this mysterious ancient art has gradually entered the public life. In her speech, Ms. Xuerong Zhou revealed the mystery of wax figure creation for us.

Ms. Zhou is delivering a speech

The whole process of wax figure creation

#1 Mud Tool Preparation

Tools and materials: turntables, sculpture tools, clay, lighters, rice cookers, spotlights.

#2 Clay Manuscript Creation Stage

The body of the sculpture is printed out with 3D technology and then reinforced, and then assembled with the head mud draft. The costumer takes accurate body data for clothing production.

Clay manuscript completed

Eyeball Modeling

#3 Making Silicone Blanks

The body and head are injected with different materials, the head is a soft material for subsequent hair implantation, and the body is made of a harder material to withstand countless repeated touches.

#4 Install the Silicone Blank and Resin Body

Assemble the parts of the wax figure.

#5 Coloring

The wax figure's head is painted layer by layer with paint to achieve translucent skin tones and a realistic texture. Freckles, moles, wrinkles, capillaries and even tattoos are accurately reproduced on the wax figure to perfectly restore the skin and makeup of the character.

Coloring tools and finishing

#6 Hair Transplant/Haircut

The implantation of a wax figure's hair and eyebrows takes 7-15 days, and a special tool is used to implant the hairs into the wax figure's head one by one.

Hair Transplant Process & Hair Trimming

#7 Fine-tune details

Make overall adjustments to character clothing, hairstyles, colors and other details.

#8 Simulation Props Production

 Galileo's self-made telescope to discover new universes

#9 Each wax figure will be outfitted and ironed, and the team will carefully dress the wax figure and assemble all accessories.

Assembly & Finished Shots

So far, Grand Orient has a professional team with rich experience, ingenuity and creativity, and has cooperated and communicated with famous art schools such as the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, etc., and established a strong R&D and creative resource platform. .

Wax figures of 57 scientists unveiled, product details fully exposed

The opening scene of the Scientist Wax Museum was crowded, and many audience members wanted to have a cross-century time-space dialogue with great scientists. Here, we can not only witness their true faces, feel the atmosphere of the times they live in, but also understand the stories behind their great inventions.

Grandview World Scientist Wax Museum scene

Bacon once said: "Of all the wealth that can be used for the benefit of mankind, I have found that there is nothing greater than new technologies, new contributions and new inventions to improve human life."

Each of us can enjoy the new technologies and new inventions that scientists use to improve human life, and it is because of their contributions that our lives can progress.

Using wax figures as a language to create a space for artistic and cultural thinking

Grand Orient has created more than 700 wax works, and its works are distributed in museums, wax museums and exhibition halls all over the world. Behind each wax figure is the story of his life, the character's personality, emotional temperature, and the most representative moment.

The Scientist Wax Museum is Grand Orient's exploration in more fields. We have never stopped on the way of creating wax figures and promoting the development of wax figure art.

Ms. Zhou Xuerong adhered to the concept of "what we create is not just a wax figure, but also a kind of spirit", and developed her own brand "Wei Mu Kai La" with Chinese national characteristics.

Wei Mu Kai La is a wax museum officially authorized by many celebrities in China. It has been authorized by Yuan Longping, Yang Liwei, Vitas and many other celebrities.

Wei Mu Kai La brand is currently opening wax museums with different themes in Guangzhou, Xiamen, Lijiang, Changsha, Dalian, Jinan, Lhasa and overseas Malaysia.

With wax art and innovative scene design, lifelike wax works as the carrier, combined with multi-dimensional surreal space, let the audience immerse themselves in the comprehension of the essence of Chinese culture.

In the historic Guangzhou, there are two new wax museum check-in points, kicking off your fun summer vacation!

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