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If we want our wax museum to become a tourist destination, then we have to make this project unique, totally different with other projects. This will ask us to investigate the local culture, deeply understand the local cultural background, obtain the design source of human wax museum, and clarify the design concept of this unique museum.

For example, in order to commemorate the local historical buildings, the entrance of wax museum will be designed in the style of the historical era and modern civilization, combined with installation art, this front door definitely will be a rare entrance and attractive symbol of the museum.

Begin Your Wax Museum Project in DXDF

When it comes to design of celebrity wax museum, here are few steps but of course the actually work not easy, we may have many changes about the effects of the museum scene.


Step 1: Plan the site division of the wax museum, and clarify the display elements and the folk culture expressed in different areas, including: sightseeing tunnel, star display area, ticket office, visitor lounge area etc.


Step 2: We design the layout of the silicone wax figures in the divided venue area, and list the silicone wax figure display list according to the design concept, which clearly the silicone wax figures that need to be displayed in each museum area.


Step 3: According to the area division of the venue and the design list of silicone wax statues, we will optimize the sightseeing experience of the venue, including the route of the venue, the interaction points with the life-size wax statues, the placement of multimedia equipment, installation arts and props, etc.


Step 4: When we finish the museum scene renderings design and customer approval of it, then we will do construction drawings for each area.


Usually we need at least 45 days to completion the details of layout and museum scene design, then 7 days to 10 days to complete a cost analysis of the entire site based on design renderings, then 10 days to 15 days to finish the construction drawings. During this design process, you can completely Trust DXDF's professional design team.


Probably you have seen wax figures in your social media feed or Pinterest. They look realistic, or they may be so fake. Making wax figures is a tedious process that requires experts. Let Grand Orient Wax Art (DXDF) to be your partner and help you do life-size wax statues and designing and implementing wax museum project. You can check some of our top and realistic wax figures on the website.

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