1. What is the Service Process in Grand Orient Wax Art?

  2. 1.Send picture or designs to our company and tell us what face and position you want to make

2. Our sculptor team will sculpture a clay model for your confirmation or make 3D data for molds from your files.

3. Once we finish the clay model ,we will send pictures to you confirmation before molding.

4. Proceed with molding and make silicone wax sculptures.

5. Coloring the sculpture, do hair implant, eyes, tooth, custom to do clothes etc as per the design and pictures for approval.

6. Arrange the air or sea shipment to deliver.

7. Long life maintenance support, but the ticket fare and lodging fee of the trip will charge back.

How Silicone Wax Figures Get Made

Do you know how wax figures made? Wax figures date back to ancient years. They were primarily used in religious ceremonies, offerings, and making dolls. Making wax figures has barely changed since it started years ago. If you have seen wax figures closely, you can tell how real they are. People mistake a human's figure in most cases if you start a few meters back. Let us look at more information about wax figures and one of the best figure maker globally.


Before the creation of the statue, sculptors get to know the person first, they look at videos, photographs, paintings, and they know the character's story and habits. When do measurements, over 200 photographs of the person  taken. They record the eye color, hair, skin, beauty marks, and how the star behaves.

Sculptors will refer to as many of existing photos and videos if the subject is a historical figure or not available to take measurements.

Creating the mold

Sculptors will create a life-size clay mold for the person first, after customer approval of the clay model. We turn the clay model to a silicone mold, then use the mold to do a life-size silicone statue.

Finishing process

Eyes and teeth are installed to the silicone statue. Afterward, a colorist will paint the silicone statue, then apply around twenty layers of pigments on the figure to ensure the statue have natural skin tone and texture. Then hair staffs will do hair transplant for hairs, eyebrows, eyelashes, mustache, chest hair etc., and hairdresser have haircut just like real person. Lastly, the sculpture goes undergoes a thorough critiquing process.

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Here are the detailed steps to complete the silicone wax figure:

1. Preparation of mud manuscript tools

Tool materials: turntable, sculpture tools, clay, lighter, rice cooker, spotlight.

2. Clay manuscript creation stage

After 3D printing the body data of the sculpture, it is reinforced and assembled with the head mud draft. The costumer measures the accurate body data for clothing production.

3. Making silica gel body

The body and head are injected with different materials, the head is a soft material for subsequent hair implantation, and the body part is made of a harder material to resist countless repeated touches.

4. Install the silicone body and the resin body

Assemble the parts of the wax figure.

5. Coloring

The wax figure's head is painted layer by layer with paint to achieve translucent skin tones and a realistic texture. Freckles, moles, wrinkles, capillaries and even tattoos are accurately reproduced on the wax figure to perfectly restore the character's skin and makeup.

6. Hair Transplant / Haircut

The implantation of a wax figure's hair and eyebrows takes 7-15 days, and a special tool is used to implant the hairs into the wax figure's head one by one.

7. Fine-tune details

Make overall adjustments to details such as character clothing, hairstyles, and colors.

8. Production of simulation props

9. Each wax figure will be equipped with corresponding clothes, ironed and marked, and the whole team will carefully dress the wax figure and assemble all accessories.

10. Completion of the work/photographing

Before the wax figures are shipped to various wax museums, they will be photographed in the studio.

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