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Character Story | Wang Baoqiang, Grassroots counterattack big star | DXDF,Grand Orient Wax Figure Factory

July 12, 2023
Character Story | Wang Baoqiang, Grassroots counterattack big star | DXDF,Grand Orient Wax Figure Factory

Grassroots Counterattack

Everyone said Wang Baoqiang, what luck! I can become popular just by being stupid, if I have this luck ! I met a good director at the right time, and I just happened to star in the best works of these directors, and each role happened to fit him very well.

In this land of China, there are too many students from poor families, and too many small towns are the homeowners. Those children born in rural areas or small towns have no background and no resources, so they can only rely on their own efforts to seize the opportunities they can touch to achieve advancement in life.

Wang Baoqiang, a rural child, studied art in Shaolin Temple, worked as a group performer in Beijing, and became the leading actor by mistake. His first movie "Blind Well" won the Golden Horse Award for Best Newcomer, and has been popular all over the country since then. In addition to the luck bestowed on him by fate, Huang Baoqiang's success is made up of his love for movies, talent for acting, hard-working spirit and perseverance.

Chasing Dreams and Hearts

Wang Baoqiang was born in a village in Xingtai, Hebei. His ancestors were all farmers. He has the kindness, sincerity, simplicity and practicality of rural people. In order to fulfill his "Kung Fu Dream", he went to Shaolin Temple as a lay disciple when he was 8 years old. He suffered a lot and suffered a lot.

After finishing his "Kung Fu Dream", he began to dream of an "Actor Dream". At the age of 14, Bao Qiang became one of the thousands of North Drifters, working on the construction site and doing group performances at the same time. For a side role, he was able to sleep under a tree in Beijing Film Studio all night. But because he can't speak Mandarin well, the assistant director didn't even read the profile he had prepared so hard and threw it into the trash can. At that time, he swore in his heart: within ten years, he must become famous, or he would go back to farming. In order to seize every opportunity, only oneself knows the suffering.

At the age of 16, he firmly grasped the olive branch of fate, starred in the movie "Blind Well", became the best newcomer at the Golden Horse Awards, and stepped into the show business circle. Director Li Yang recalled: "I found Wang Baoqiang from hundreds of extras at the time, because I liked his simplicity." He still remembers the way Wang Baoqiang "walked in against the foot of the wall" during the interview.

In 2004, Baoqiang first made his mark in "A World Without Thieves", and then became a star because of "Soldiers Assault", which became popular on the screen. Many people like Baoqiang from the "Xu Sanduo" played by his true nature in "Soldiers Assault" . Everyone said that he is very suitable to play this kind of "down-to-earth" little character. Huang Bo once described Wang Baoqiang as very good at playing "innocent", and the audience would start to sympathize as soon as they saw him.

Everyone thinks that Wang Baoqiang can only play "grass roots" in his life, and Baoqiang, who refuses to admit defeat, once again launched a challenge.

Civilian actor

In 2011, Wang Baoqiang starred in the literary film "Hello! Mr. Tree". There are not many scenes in the film, but word of mouth is very popular. A classic scene of smoking was recorded by Beijing Film Academy as a textbook-level acting skill, and Duan Yihong praised it greatly, calling it incomparable.

After achieving good results in literary films, Wang Baoqiang challenged comedy roles again. He and Xu Zheng have successively cooperated in films such as "Lost on Journey" and "Lost In Thailand". He uses the ignorance and innocence of the bottom people in comedy, and bewitches the audience to love him with innocent performances.

Sincerity is a nirvana

In 2017, Wang Baoqiang's first film "Havoc in Tianzhu" had a bad reputation, was scolded like a dog, and was named "the worst movie of the year" by the Golden Broom Awards. Many star directors shy away from this award, but Wang Baoqiang stood on the podium in person.

He even delivered his acceptance speech, saying: The Golden Broom is not a very honorable award, but I must come to accept this award because it can spur me to improve. I love movies, I respect movies, I respect the audience, and I respect all the seniors here. I owe the audience a "sorry".

Out of the Cage

He returns again with his new work "Never Say Never", and this time he is bound to return the golden broom. In order to prepare for this second work directed by himself, Wang Baoqiang did not take other roles after filming "Detective Chinatown 3", and devoted himself to it.

In the words of actor Wang Xun - "How many temptations has he faced in the past few years? The ones who are looking for him are all big dramas with good roles. His ability to reject these dramas is the first step to success. This Not everyone can do it. What you’re throwing away is money.”

Wang Baoqiang treats movies with the most sincere attitude. It is different from the witty comedy characters that Wang Baoqiang was familiar with in the past. In order to fit the characters in the play, Wang Baoqiang also specially gained 30 catties for the characters. In order to present the reality as much as possible, Wang Baoqiang went to Sichuan to experience life for nearly three years. "Let this work be a part of him".

As a representative of the success of the grassroots counterattack, Wang Baoqiang said that he has encountered many noble people's help along the way, and he may also be a noble person in the eyes of others today. Now at the age of 41, he is no longer the stuttering and shy "silly root", but a director Wang Baoqiang who talks eloquently, has his own opinions, has emotional intelligence, and has clear logic.

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