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Character Story | The heroine who won two "Nobel Prizes" - Marie Curie | DXDF, Grand Orient Wax Figure

November 08, 2022
Character Story | The heroine who won two "Nobel Prizes" - Marie Curie | DXDF, Grand Orient Wax Figure

Madame Curie was beautiful when she was young, and her portraits are now hung in scientific research and teaching institutions all over the world, and we can still see her former demeanor. She could have taken advantage of her youth and beauty to marry early in the old age society and live a relaxed and comfortable life. But she didn't, she wanted to explore her deeper values and achieve bigger goals.


Most Nobel Prize winners are over old, which is equivalent to sticking to one thing for a lifetime. This is unimaginable for many young people in today's "entertainment to death". What is even more unimaginable is that in that era of coexistence of feudalism and prejudice, whether in the East or the West, women without exception were regarded as "accessories" of men.


Marie Curie once said to her daughter: "In a world where men make the rules, they believe that the function of women is sex and fertility. " Marie Curie was a Polish, her original name was Marie Skwodowska, She later married her husband Pierre Curie and was called Madame Curie.


In 1898, she and her husband Pierre Curie discovered the element radium. But this thing cannot be seen with the naked eye and needs to be refined. In order to extract pure radium, the Curies sold all the valuable things in the family, bought more than ten tons of pitch uranium slag with all their savings, and started a long and arduous purification experiment. After 45 months, nearly tens of thousands of times After refining, only 10 grams of radium chloride was obtained. In 1903, the Curies won the Nobel Prize in Physics that year. Although she became famous, as a woman, Marie Curie was treated unfairly.


Take this Nobel Prize in Physics as an example. In fact, Marie Curie was the pioneer who really put forward the concept and theory of radioactivity. Her husband Pierre Curie was her assistant and studied with her. But in the description of the outside world, Marie Curie became Pierre Curie's assistant. Another scientist who shared the award is French physicist Becquerel. Becquerel was the first to discover natural radioactivity in 1896. Although he said he did, he did not have any substantial research results. The main work after that was still done by the Curies. In the list of Nobel Prize winners, Becquerel ranks first . The Curies, who really made a significant contribution to the study of radioactivity, were left behind. Even more incredible is that the outside world described Pierre Curie as "becquerel's assistant", and Marie Curie was also called "Pierre Curie's assistant".


If Marie Curie and her husband won the Nobel Prize for the first time , there were still people who questioned her status and contribution to scientific research, and even doubted how a woman could become the leader of a historic scientific discovery. Well, in 1911, five years after the death of her husband Pierre Curie, Marie slapped these skeptics hard with yet another Nobel Prize in chemistry.


This time, the Nobel Prize belongs to her alone and is shared by no one. Her identity is finally a scientist who has made outstanding contributions to science, not someone's wife and assistant. In her award-winning speech, she calmly and briefly stated her independence in research, which brought the world to see the gender injustice in academia.


When the First World War broke out in 1914, Marie Curie abandoned her research on radium and began to study X-rays, on the grounds that X-rays were useful to soldiers. Later, she personally went to the front line to expose the shell fragments on the soldiers' bodies under the X-ray irradiation, which greatly reduced the soldiers' pain and the difficulty of surgery . She later retrieved her "radium" element, collected the radioactive "radon" element, and made hollow needles to sterilize the infected.


In 1934 , 67-year-old Marie Curie suffered from malignant leukemia due to long-term exposure to radioactivity and died soon after.


Throughout the history of human civilization, women were once reduced to male vassals, and women who had been marginalized for a long time and who were despised by many people at that time had made great achievements. This fact is a subversion of traditional concepts. Marie Curie used her actions and achievements to prove that "firmness" and "fortitude" are the qualities a woman should have.


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