The theme of wax museum WEI MU KAI LA (mean The Curtain Opened) is the national brand wax museum which created by Grand Orient Wax Art Co., Ltd. It deeply explored and represented the local culture,combined the celebrity wax figure and district scene. Though the interaction between audiences and wax figures, scene, tools, strength the participatory,experience and interaction, make a relaxing and happy journey for the tourists.

We planned to invest the project of wax museum since 2012. And the first wax museum was opened on May 2013 at Xiamen Gulangyu where included 45Pcs wax figures with exquisites scenery. It was setting of a burst of enthusiasm and made a great success in Xiamen City. In 2017,we opened our Flagship Wax museum in Hunan Changsha where included 120Pcs wax figures in 5000 Square meter.  

Today,we already built 9 wax museum in China, Which located Changsha, Dalian,Lijiang,Guangzhou,Tibet, Gulangyu, Gutian, Haikou and Yangshou. These wax museums play a huge role in local cultural promotion and attracting tourists. 

Changsha WMKL wax musum

Dalian WMKL Wax Museum

Lijiang WMKL Wax Museum

Yangsu Fun Wax Museum



Wax museum has became the local representative card of culture, it gathered to show the local culture and outstanding representative in every field. Wax figure not only can help you experience the local culture but also meet the dream of contacting your favorite idol without any distance.

We designed and built two wax museums for the I-City Red Carpet in Malaysia.

I-City Red Carpet ❶ wax museum was opened in August 2013.  110Pcs wax figure showed in 2400 Square meter area.

I-City Red Carpet ❷ wax museum was opened in 2017. 80 Pcs wax figure  showed in 3000 Square meter area. The minister of Malaysia culture tourism visited and attended the opening ceremony both.