Custom best asian stars series Manufacturer | DXDF,Grand Orient Wax Figure

Custom best asian stars series Manufacturer | DXDF,Grand Orient Wax Figure

This product comes with beautiful and eye-catching packing which I got fascinated once I saw it. - Said one of our customers.
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With strong R&D strength and production capabilities, DXDF,Grand Orient Wax Figure now has become a professional manufacturer and reliable supplier in the industry. All our products including best asian stars are manufactured based on the strict quality management system and international standards. best asian stars We have professional employees who have years of experience in the industry. It is them that provides high-quality services for customers all over the world. If you have any questions about our new product best asian stars or want to know more about our company, feel free to contact us. Our professionals would love to help you at any time.The product features great elegance and classic. Its shape gives a strong artistic and expressive feeling of unique folk cultures.

Story of Leng Jun

Leng Jun had a strong interest in painting from a young age, and began exploring oil paint when he was in middle school, despite the lack of oil paints available in China at the time. He was able to access some paints from a friend, and these early experiments started him on a journey of learning that would later define his work as a painter.

Those of us born in the 1960s had a special chance to shape our perspectives as teenagers, thanks to the reform and opening-up policies that saved our generation. The influx of knowledge from Western countries was a source of enlightenment for our people and played a crucial role in my future art.

Main Art Work

The artist had a good reputation before, but it was his 2004 painting of Mona Lisa, a photorealistic portrait of a contemporary woman, that made him widely known. This was followed by an array of other lifelike renderings of women, each exhibiting a greater level of detail than the last. Through careful observation, one can admire the delicate brushwork that brings out each detail of the subject.

While there is some criticism that these works look too much like photographs, Leng maintains that anyone seeing the paintings in person won't be deceived. It's not his intent to compete with or imitate a photograph, but rather he'd like to push his art to its limits. By balancing technical skill with the ability to bring emotion to his paintings, he's been able to touch people around the world.


A One-stop Solution Partner for Wax Museum Project

DXDF is one of the best celebrity wax figures manufacturer worldwide. With 20 years of experience in crafting wax statues, a dedicated team of 20 artists is on hand to handcraft the most lifelike wax statues. Suppose you are looking for custom statues for your living wax museum or celebrity statues for your museum project. In that case, DXDF is ready to be your premier provider of custom and celebrity wax art. 

DXDF also support custom wax statues and wax museum design. If you also want to customize super realistic wax statues, please prepare the pictures, videos or ideas for the wax statues you want, we will make you a most satisfied wax likeness.

Our Business

We provide one-stop solution for our clients. Get in touch with us to let us know how to help you better:

①Customize personal wax figures ②OEM/ODM/Wholesale large amount wax sculptures for museum ③Wax museum design

  • Wax Museum Entrance
      One stop solution service for wax museum, from concept design, construction to operation.
      Payment refund or we provide you related parts for free in case of any bad quality issues.
      The owner of 7 Wei Mu Kai La wax museums in China and opening more.
      Strong designer & artist team with more than 22 years experience.
      Platinum Silicone,highest grade for food products.

Whatever body and face, DXDF makes lifelike silicone wax figures. Similarity shapes up to 99.5%.
Platinum silicone

Highest grade for food products.

Customized pigments

Make up vivid and long-lasting

Customized outfit

Make the sculpture look more classy

Resin eyeball

Customized resin eyeball more subtle                

ABOUT US           

We have 7 own brand wax museums, named WEI MU KAI LA. Click here to learn more details. And we will build more different theme wax museums.


We have got more than 100 Chinese celebrities permissions to create and display their life-size wax figures in our WeiMuKaiLa Wax Museums for free, hope this information can help you get more confidence on our wax figures and wax museum projects.


More than hundreds of waxworks, including hollywood stars, sport stars, political stars, asian stars, artists and scientists. You will find the one you like!

Steps to make a perfect wax figure. Click to learn more details about making process.




      Q1: Do you guys make statues from pictures?

      A1: The answer is yes, we are trying to get more celebrities' authorization, but most celebrities statues still need to be made from pictures yet.

      And for old people we can only make their statues from pictures.  

      Q2: When can I get the price? 

      A2: We usually quote within 12 hours after we get your inquiry. If you are very urgent to get the price, please call us.

      Q3: How long can I expect to get the sample/products? 

      A3: Usually, it will be ready for delivery in 4 months if the wax figure is new that we do not have mold, but one month for our existing wax figure.

      For samples, because all figures are 1:1life size, the volume is very big, and transportation cost will be huge, so we would like our clients visit our factory to see samples.  

      Q4: What kind of shipping you use?

      A4: Consider the volume is huge, sea shipment will be better, so if you want to have an order, you had better send us your order information early.

      Sure, the air shipment or express is operational.

      Q5: What is your warranty?  

      A5: Because all figures need makeup on face and hands, there will be some fade issues after a long time, regular maintenance will be necessary for figures every 6 months.

      We provide a year free maintenance, after that we provide free labor, but the ticket fare and lodging fee of the trip will charge back.

      We will teach our customers do routine attention for figures to make sure the statues perfect every day.

      Q6: If my goods is broken when I get it, what should I do?  

      A6: It is not common that you receive one broken products, but to be honest, it may happen because of some accidents during transportation.

      The goods may be broken because of violent collision caused by ship, truck or careless handling. Please take several photos of the packing before you open it.

      If the packing is okay, but goods is broken, it's our responsibility. On the contrary, if the packing and the goods are both broken, it's the logistic company's responsibility. 

      We promise: no matter whose responsibility it is, as long as the goods is broken, we will try our best to send you a new one in the shortest time freely.

      Q7: What is payment/shipment terms do you have?

      A7: EXW, FOB shipment term is ok; TT and L/C payment term is ok.

      Q8: What should buyers do?

      A8: Prepare the pictures, videos or ideas for the wax figures you want.

            1. Photos taken from different angles. (The front, right and left side, back and top)

            2. Photos show the body shape and cloth style.

            3. Photos show the face. The more photos clear, the better we can make.

            4. Photos or ideas about the action you want.      

            5. It would be better if you can tell us the following data (stature, measurements of the breast, waist and hip).

      Q9: What is the suitable storage environment of wax figures?

      A9: 1. Make sure that the external environment does not corrode the wax works

             2. Ensure good ventilation in the wax art exhibition hall

             3. Make sure that the wax works are not corroded by the external environment

      Q10: The ways of daily maintenance

      A10: 1. When cleaning the wax figure, the exposed and non-exposed parts must be separated. 

                   Generally speaking, the non-exposed part, including hair, clothing, props, etc., must be cleaned first, and then the exposed part.

               2. For the cleaning of the non-exposed parts, the steps should be vacuuming, grooming, and then ironing the clothes.

                   For cleaning the exposed parts, you should be more careful, and the steps should be to wipe the face and hands with a wool brush. 

                   Wipe gently with a slightly damp towel, touch up makeup, and clean it thoroughly once a month.

               3. To ensure that the external chemical environment does not erode the wax figures. 

                   We recommend using anti-corrosion and anti-mildew chemicals in the exhibition hall, which can guarantee good air quality for the wax figure and the exhibition hall.

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