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Work Process of Silicone Wax Figures | DXDF, Grand Orient Wax Figure
All wax figures can be created depends on pictures and videos,but time is very important,sculptors can work more careful if they have enough time.usually we need 4 months to create a custom wax statue,if you want a custom wax statue for someone,contact us earlier,thank you.
How to Do a Wax Museum Project? | DXDF, Grand Orient Wax Figure
Silicone wax figures are a hyperrealistic sculptural medium in a “stereo photography” style. They are displayed in real poses and wear real clothes. All over the world, wax museums have become famous tourist attractions in most cities. They are popular because fans are difficult to meet superstar in real life. However, this project allows them to meet stars and take selfies. Let local fans interact with their favorite stars. Some countries also have a museum with a collection of their local stars and international stars. Now, let's look at how to do a wax museum project.
Character story | The Return of the Last Buffett Luncheon!  | DXDF, Grand Orient Wax Figure
Spend 40 million for a meal and turn around and earn 100 million, which is really not a loss. Can such a good thing happen in reality? There really must be! The original version of the gray-haired old man in the clip is Buffett, a well-known investor in real life, known as the "stock god". Buffett became a millionaire at the age of 30, fulfilling a lifelong dream for many. Before he was 50 years old, he built a business empire controlled by himself. Finally, at the age of 70, he surpassed Bill Gates and other rich people and became the richest man in the world. Buffett's success mainly comes from his secrets in stock investing.
The Essentials of Silicone Wax Figures | DXDF, Grand Orient Wax Figure
With the development of media, many technologies and services that are not known to the public have gradually entered the field of vision of ordinary people, arousing their curiosity and pursuit. Many celebrity silicone wax figures be collected by Wax museum projects. The movie stars will go to the wax figures for comparison whenever the wax museum is completed. Their lifelike feeling has shocked everyone and made everyone want to explore the silicone wax figures. The silicone wax figures are lifelike. What are the essentials points of silicone wax figures?

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