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Work Process of Silicone Wax Figures
All wax figures can be created depends on pictures and videos,but time is very important,sculptors can work more careful if they have enough time.usually we need 4 months to create a custom wax statue,if you want a custom wax statue for someone,contact us earlier,thank you.
Quality Simulation High Lifelike Custom Made Science Museum Wax Mannequin of Marie Curie | DXDF,Grand Orient Wax Figure
Simulation High Lifelike Custom Made Science Museum Wax Mannequin of Marie Curie  compared with similar products on the market, it has incomparable outstanding advantages in terms of performance, quality, appearance, etc., and enjoys a good reputation in the market.DXDF, Grand Orient Wax Figure summarizes the defects of past products, and continuously improves them. The specifications of Simulation High Lifelike Custom Made Science Museum Wax Mannequin of Marie Curie can be customized according to your needs.
Character Story 丨Hollywood superstar Bruce suffers from aphasia | DXDF,Grand Orient Wax Figure
Patients with aphasia usually have a clear mind, normal consciousness, no obvious intellectual impairment, neither visual or auditory impairment, nor abnormal function of the mouth, pharynx, larynx and other articulatory organs, but speech, listening comprehension, repetition, naming, reading, writing and other aspects of the barriers, can seriously affect daily life. Among the celebrities we are familiar with, there are also people who suffer from aphasia, such as the former tough guy male god-Bruce Willis.
8 Designing Tips for Successful Exhibition in Wax Statue Museum | DXDF,Grand Orient Wax Figure
The design and layout of the wax statue museum remain an integral part of creating that unforgettable customer experience. So let’s delve into eight top tips for museum design.
Magnificent Celebrity Tom Hanks Life-size Wax Figure for Waxwork Museum
Custom Tom Hanks Wax Figures | Celebrity Wax Museum SolutionThomas Hanks is an American actor and filmmaker. He is famous for his various comedic and dramatic roles.Tom Hanks of DXDF adopts precise wax production process, from materials to details, which is the most perfect artwork. Welcome to contact us for more information.
Asian artist Jiro Wang unveiled his wax statue at WeiMuKaiLa Wax Museum
On December 31, 2021, Asian artist Wang Dongcheng visited the Xiamen WeiMuKaiLa Wax Museum for the unveiling of his wax figure.
Wax Art and Cultural Tourism Interaction with the Perspective of Generation Z
Wu Dan, the director of Guangdong Culture and Tourism Interest Camp and the editor-in-chief of the special committee, and He Qianying, a student of the third phase of the interest camp, had an in-depth discussion with Zhou Xueyong, the master of Chinese arts and crafts, and Liu Zhen, the founder of "WeiMuKaiLa Wax Museum", everybody thinks about the topic of "If I were a curator born after 2000" and explores the mystery of the operation of the wax museum together.
How Silicone Wax Figures Get Made?| DXDF,Grand Orient Wax Figure
Do you know how wax figures made? Wax figures date back to ancient years. They were primarily used in religious ceremonies, offerings, and making dolls. Making wax figures has barely changed since it started years ago. If you have seen wax figures closely, you can tell how real they are. People mistake a human's figure in most cases if you start a few meters back. Let us look at more information about wax figures and one of the best figure maker globally.
Soft shoulders with heavy responsibility! They show women's role in the front line of the industry
Zhou Xuerong, the founder of Grand Orient Wax Art Co., Ltd, the founder of Chinese brand "WeiMuKaiLa" Wax Museum, the artistic director of China Great Man Wax Museum, and the master of Zhongshan Arts and Crafts.
Wax Art and Cultural Tourism Interaction with the Perspective of Generation Z (II)
In the previous article, Ms. zhou and Liu Zhen discussed the development of the wax museum with the students of the Cultural Tourism Camp. This article will present more of that discussion.
Xiamen "WeiMuKaiLa" Wax Museum new upgrade, come to see the wonderful!
The WeiMuKaiLa Wax Museum is designed by two departments of elephant art design & engineering, located at No. 3 Longtou Road, Gulangyu Island, Xiamen, divided into four levels of tour area, the total area of the project is 1300 square meters, the museum exhibits more than seventy wax figures of celebrities, and there are fourteen thematic exhibition areas.

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