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High Lifelike Fine Jewelry Display Mannequins Female Life Size Bust Wax Figure | DXDF,Grand Orient Wax Figure
High Lifelike Fine Jewelry Display Mannequins Female Life Size Bust Wax Figure, compared with similar products on the market, it has incomparable outstanding advantages in terms of performance, quality, appearance, etc., and enjoys a good reputation in the market.DXDF,Grand Orient Wax Figure summarizes the defects of past products, and continuously improves them. The specifications of High Lifelike Fine Jewelry Display Mannequins Female Life Size Bust Wax Figure can be customized according to your needs.
Most Realistic Chinese Celebrity Wax Figure for Scientist in the World
Custom Wax Figures of Celebrities Museum in DXDFYuan is known as the "Father of Hybrid Rice", Obviously, his greatness does not require too many words to express, and it is not necessary.His greatness is worthy of our hard work and we got his own authorization, I think lots of people are interested how we do that?   1. Platinum silicone: colorless, odorless and oil-free, the highest grade for food products.   2. Super similarity: for both face and body shape up to 99.5%, that's why we call lifelike wax figure.   3. Customized pigments: let the makeup vivid and long-lasting.   4. Real human hair: makes the wax statue more lifelike in details.If you also want to customize super realistic wax statues, please prepare the pictures, videos or ideas for the wax statues you want, we will make you a most satisfied wax likeness.Chinese Celebrity Wax Figure. Yuan is known as the "Father of Hybrid Rice." Their spirit can be transmitted to the world through wax figures.
Character Story | The rising star of football - Mbappe | DXDF,Grand Orient Wax Figure
In Qatar, the brightest spotlight will be on four people: Leo Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar and Mbappe. The first two are legendary players. This year is their last dance in the World Cup. Neymar and Mbappe are more likely to win the championship. The overall strength of their team is strong.
Character Story | The heroine who won two "Nobel Prizes" - Marie Curie | DXDF,Grand Orient Wax Figure
Marie Curie was the first female scientist to win a Nobel Prize and the first person in history to win two Nobel Prizes. In 1903, she shared with her husband Pierre Curie and Henri Becquerel The Nobel Prize in Physics, and in 1911 the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his achievements in radiochemistry.
Character Story | What If the world were without electricity? | DXDF,Grand Orient Wax Figure
What is most important to you in life? money? healthy? Or energy such as air, water, food and electricity that human beings depend on? Let's imagine what we will be facing if the world is without electricity.
Character story丨Action Movie Super Star Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee was born in San Francisco Chinese Hospital in the United States. He lived and studied in Kowloon, Hong Kong when he was young. He learned Wing Chun as a teacher under Ip Man, and later founded his own Jeet Kune Do based on Wing Chun. Since childhood, he has participated in more than 20 Hong Kong movies because of his father. In 1959, Bruce Lee majored in drama and minored in philosophy in the United States. He opened a martial arts hall to teach apprentices while practicing martial arts, and guest starred in many American TV dramas.
Wax Figure tips: Pay attention to fat and thin characters
The difference between fat and thin is not bone but fat. From the structural analysis, the forehead cannot hold fat. Whether fat or thin, the shape of the bones can be seen above the cheekbones.
WeiMuKaiLa Wax Museum in Jinan, China
On August 8, 2021, Jinan's first wax museum-"WeiMuKaiLa" officially opened for audiences. The wax museum is located at the entrance of the north gate of Impression Jinan Quanshijie Park. Taking Jinan's century-old architectural railway station as the design inspiration, it partially restores the old Jiaoji Railway Station, such as the arched large window above the lintel of the ticket hall and the roof as decoration old steam train waiting.

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