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This product prevents users from feeling damp and wet at night because its fabric absorbs moisture to some extent. .
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  • Private Human-size Custom Silicone Wax Statue for Indoor Display | DXDF, Grand Orient Wax Figure
    Private Human-size Custom Silicone Wax Statue for Indoor Display | DXDF, Grand Orient Wax Figure
    This is the silicone wax figure of a Chinese artist named Leng Jun (冷军) - a Chinese painter Leng Jun is known for his hyperrealistic portraits of women. Let's learn more details about him:Leng Jun, born in 1963, has a reputation for being an acclaimed Chinese artist whose artwork has a realistic quality that resembles photographs. He is from Sichuan Province in China and obtained his degree from the Teachers College, Hankou, Wuhan, which is part of the Department of Arts. He currently holds the position of Leader of the Wuhan Painting Academy and Chairman of the Wuhan Artists Association.Leng Jun, an acclaimed Chinese artist, has achieved a remarkable level of realism in his portraits. He has earned a reputation for the meticulous detail in his oil paintings of women, capturing each strand of hair and every fold of fabric.If you also want to customize super realistic wax statues, please prepare the pictures, videos or ideas for the wax statues you want, we will make you a most satisfied wax likeness.DXDF is the best celebrity wax figures manufacturer worldwide. We support custom wax statues and wax museums. Contact us to get free quotes!
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