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Three ways to choose an excellent wax figure maker online | DXDF, Grand Orient Wax Figure

August 01, 2022

There are so many wax museums and manufacturers. Whenever you search “wax figure”, there will be various search results, such as news, videos, wiki, and ADs. Of course, ADs. Plenty of waxwork figure manufacturers create waxworks for museums, installations, exhibitions, and customizing figures for personal requirements. Though famous wax makers, like Madame Tussauds, may accept custom products, but the prices are much higher (average cost is $200,000), and the finishing time around 4 months to 1 year.

So why not choose other suppliers that can do the same perfect work but with lower costs and short waiting time. You may be hesitant in choosing the most suitable maker. But don’t worry, there are three ways to teach you to choose a good wax figure supplier.

1. The administer

Like sculpture, making wax figures requires artisans need years of experience for it is not a simple craft. The head is the key to wax figures, especially the facial expressions and facial features, which can be shown on the clay. Whether a wax figure is perfect depends on the skill level of the craftsman.

So checking the details of founders or main craftsmen will help you judge if they meet your expectation when visiting websites.

2. The experience

When judging whether wax figure makers have rich experience, you need to consider whether they have their museums and hold exhibitions.

Experienced manufacturers are willing to present their artwork. Museums with their brands can demonstrate their ability through actual exhibitions, whether there is an entrance fee or not. It would be better if they also participate in both domestic and overseas exhibitions because it shows manufacturers are recognized by other organizations, such as the government, international exhibitions, folk art, and collectors.

3.The appearance


Here comes the most important part - the appearance of waxwork. There are various samples of wax sculptures in manufacturers’ webs. When making figures, there are differences between races according to the areas, such as skin tone, texture and dyeing, etc. The waxworks will lose their sense of reality if being mishandled.

You can reference their outlooks and details, but attention, the pics may not 100% authentic for some fake suppliers steal the photos from other peers. So you need to take into consideration their founders and experience.

Using these 3 ways you can choose an excellent and credible wax maker.


Real Life Size Wax Figure Maker - DXDF


A Chinese manufacturer called DXDF has made waxwork creations for over 20 years. DXDF has built seven wax museums under their brand WeiMuKaiLa, which can be found in Guangzhou,Gulangyu,Changsha,Dalian,Jinan,Lijiang ...etc cities,and receiving.

The founder, Zhou Xuerong, started to study wax art in 1999. As one of the pioneers in the Chinese wax figure art industry, she creates more than 700 wax works that people highly praise.


If you are looking for a wax manufacturer for your business, choosing DXDF is good for you. The excellent products and services make you satisfied all time. Contact us today!


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