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Character story | The Return of the Last Buffett Luncheon! | DXDF, Grand Orient Wax Figure

July 20, 2022
Character story | The Return of the Last Buffett Luncheon!  | DXDF, Grand Orient Wax Figure

Buffett lunch


Buffett lunch is an event to have lunch with Warren Buffett at a famous steakhouse in New York. The "Lunch with Buffett" charity auction has been running for 22 years since 2000. All proceeds from the auction have been donated to the Glide Foundation, a charity in San Francisco, to help the local poor and the needy homeless.


It has been auctioned annually since 2000, and switched to online auctions since 2003. All proceeds are donated to American charities. After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, this year Buffett plans to host his 21st and final charity lunch auction, which began on eBay on June 12 and will end on June 17. The auction winner and up to seven guests will have lunch with Buffett at the Smith & Wollensky Steakhouse in Manhattan.


It is reported that the 92-year-old Buffett has raised more than $34.2 million (about 224 million yuan) for the Glide Foundation through a lunch auction that began in 2000. Since 2008, each winning bidder has bid more than one hundred ten thousand U.S. dollars.The last Buffett lunch was photographed by Chinese digital cryptocurrency entrepreneur Justin Sun, and the transaction price reached US$4,567,888.

So, who is the prototype of Wang Duoyu in the movie "Hello Mr. Billionaire"?


He is one of the best stock market traders in China: Zhao Danyang, known as the "Godfather of Private Equity", and the first god to eat "Buffett's lunch". In 2008, Zhao Danyang took the opportunity to have lunch with Buffett for US$2.11 million. Compared with Duan Yongping, the first Chinese man who took Buffett's lunch, Zhao Danyang was a little "not about martial arts".


Before Zhao Danyang had lunch with Buffett, he made a big advance purchase of a stock. At the luncheon, the great god did not ask the stock gods for any secrets of wealth. He kept recommending this stock to Buffett. Out of courtesy, Buffett casually said a few words and said that he would pay due attention to this stock. After the dinner, Zhao Danyang immediately disclosed the stock to the media, saying that Warren Buffett is very optimistic about this stock. For four consecutive trading days , the stock price soared by 24%. Zhao earned 130 million and evacuated handsomely.


Since then, Buffett has learned a lot and made a rule: Don't talk about individual stocks during lunch.


The Zhao incident is only an isolated case, and most of the bidders took the lunch in a low-key way in an anonymous way. These bidders or those who participated in the lunch may also be early entrepreneurs in some industries, and they bought more than just a meal. Fan is the investment experience and industry insider information of Warren Buffett. These information may not be of any use to us, but they are invaluable to early-stage entrepreneurs.

6 Habits of Buffett that lead him to financial freedom


Friends may ask: "The gap between us and Buffett is too far. Can we talk about tens or hundreds of dollars?"

Even after Buffett became one of the richest people in the world, he still treated his life simply. He invited Bill Gates to eat McDonald's, and even used a discount coupon . His 6 living habits, let him realize the freedom of wealth, may be helpful to your view of wealth.


Rule 1: Buffett lives in the house he bought in 1958

Do you think billionaires live in mansions, but Buffett still lives in a house he bought in 1958 for $30,000.

For young people to buy a house, Buffett's advice to them is: "30-year mortgage is the best financial tool in the world", and make full use of this leverage.Buffett achieved financial freedom at the age of 41. However, when he bought a seaside resort, he resolutely chose to apply for a 30-year mortgage.


Rule 2: Buffett is generous with those around him, but never spends

Bill Gates is one of Buffett's best friends. How did the two richest people in the world maintain a good relationship? Do you spend every day drinking and drinking and sending luxury goods to each other?


The two have been friends for 25 years, and Bill Gates says Buffett treats his friends by doing his best to make people feel good and sharing his joy with others.


Rule 3: McDonald's is Buffett's daily breakfast

Buffett's breakfast is very special. When the stock price is good, he will reward himself and order a set meal of $3.17; if the stock price is not good, Buffett will lower his standard and order a set meal of $2.95; if the stock price falls At worst, Buffett will lower his bar a notch and buy a $2.61 breakfast.


According to Buffett's friends, Buffett has not changed in terms of eating since he was a child. He has liked hamburgers, ice cream and Coke since he was 6 years old.


Rule 4: Buffett still uses a Nokia phone

Buffett revealed in an interview with the media in 2013 that he was still using an old Nokia phone. Buffett never spends too much money on clothes and mobile phones, and his wallet is still bought 20 years ago.


Rule 5: Buffett never wears luxury goods, only clothes made by a Chinese woman

Buffett has been a fan of Madam Li since he met Li Guilian, the founder of Dayang Genesis in 2007. All of his suits are from the Dayang Chuangshi brand. What is Dayang Chuangshi? It was a company listed in 2000 that was later backdoored by YTO Express. Who is Li Guilian? He is the chairman of the board of directors of Dalian Dayang Enterprise Group.


"Madam Li's clothes fit very well. I was rarely praised for wearing clothes before, but since wearing clothes designed by Madam Li, I have been praised almost every time." Buffett thinks he is handsome .


Item 6: Buffett loves coupons

Buffett's talent for saving money is estimated to be unrivaled. When his first child was born, he even took out a drawer as a crib for the child. When the second child was born, he finally went to borrow a crib, but he was not willing to buy it.


These lifestyles of Buffett may not have much connection with your wealth growth and making money, but he treats life frugality, simple attitude and concept of wealth, I believe you must have some feelings for you.

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