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Wax Figures or Silicone Figures? Supplier & Manufacturers | DXDF, Grand Orient Wax Figure

June 08, 2022

Silicone Figures VS Wax Figures

Silicone figures

Silicone material has unique physical and chemical properties. It is used for many applications because of its excellent durability and biocompatibility. In addition to that, it can withstand conditions like high temperatures up to 230 degrees and low temperatures between 120 degrees to zero.

Silicone is a noticeable material to make figures. Figures made from silicone look real.  The touch is closer to the natural skin texture, after painting and make up the coloring can be permanented. Same as life size wax figures, silicone sculptures also need to prepare videos, photos, and ideas about the subject. Sculptors can do the creation depends on pictures and videos ,but the similarity will be better if we can get measurements of the subject. The body is made to have a natural skin tone and features a permanent color. The main color can be modified before the last process.

Wax figures

Wax figures are made from wax as the main material. This material can be molded in different shapes at room temperature and melts at high temperatures. In addition, it can be mixed with fats or oils to modify its texture and consistency. These properties have made wax to be an excellent medium for modeling. Wax figures exhibit lifelike poses.

Making wax figures has not changed compared to the middle times. First, precise measurements are taken and recorded to make a similar figure to the subject. Further, the next step involves makeup to achieve a realistic look. Things like eyes, eyelashes, natural human hair, and skin tone are added to achieve a realistic look. These physical features have to match the celebrity.

Which one can be stored for a long time

Wax figures

Requirements for preserving wax figures are pretty high. Even though they require high preservation, wax figures have a long-serving life. The first wax figure made by Madame Tussauds 200 years ago is still in good condition. Besides that, the figures cannot be washed many times. It is also easily destroyed by artificial bumps. At the same time, they are not resistant to high temperatures. So the risk of using wax to make wax figures is relatively high.

Silicone figures

Silicone figures can be stored for a long time without many requirements. In particular, Platinum silicone used by DXDF is recommended as a mold material for casting. It is also flexible and can resist high temperatures or low temperatures. They can be wiped with a cloth, washed with water, and rubbed by hand. The touch is closer to the natural skin texture, permanent coloring and make up vivid.

In terms of the quality of the wax figure and the storage of the wax figure, the silicone material is a better material for making the wax figure.


You can get Silicone figures from a reputable manufacturer like DXDF. The company is a professional manufacturer of silicone statues. Additionally, we provide customized realistic silicone wax figures. Our artist and designer team has more than 22 years of experience,we ensure the similarity up to 99.5%.


As you can see from the article, Silica gel material is a better waxwork material.. They make figures look lifelike and long lasting . Grand Orient Wax Art  is a professional factory for figures.

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