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Little knowledge of wax figure art | DXDF, Grand Orient Wax Figure

June 01, 2022
Little knowledge of wax figure art | DXDF, Grand Orient Wax Figure

What is the difference between a wax figure and a sculpture?

Wax works pay attention to immersive scene experience. The gigantic hands form a powerful visual impact, focusing the visual focus on the characters while adding some fantastic elements to the scene.

Sculpture does not require the integrity of the characters, and some sculptures can shape the image or express the theme in a surreal way through the parts of the characters; and wax figures must emphasize the integrity of the characters.

The wax figure pursues fidelity, restores the true appearance and demeanor of the characters, and even expresses the psychological activities. A character is often a complete individual and has a storytelling.

Sculptures can be infinitely deformed, enlarged, and reduced in shape, while wax figures faithfully reproduce proportions, features, bones, muscles, skin, hair, blood, wrinkles, etc., creating a sense of reality similar to people. Let the audience immerse in the wax figure.

The figure statues created by wax art not only require highly realistic outlines, but also require attention to the portrayal of the characters' demeanor and temperament, presenting their own unique spiritual connotations. Therefore, the similarity of wax art can be roughly divided into three levels.

Realism of human ecological texture

It mainly refers to the shaping of the texture and color of muscles, skin, hair, blood, wrinkles, moles, teeth, and eyeballs, and the simulation of the natural and physical aspects of the human body.

The similarity of the appearance of the characters

It mainly refers to the similarity of outline and facial image. The similarity of the outline mainly depends on whether the ratio of the character's height to the bone conforms to the prototype, which is relatively easy to grasp.

The similarity of the character's spiritual temperament

The reason why excellent wax works can be vivid, vividly show the spirit of the characters, and inspire people with spiritual shock and beauty, is not only because of their realistic, intuitive and figurative modeling, but also because of the spiritual temperament of the character modeling.

What wax art strives for is to give the audience an immersive experience, which also makes fidelity the most basic and most important criterion for judging the success of wax art.

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