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Dali was a foodie since he was a child, and his ultimate goal in life was to be a cook when he was 6 years old. But there are always surprises in life. Instead of fulfilling his great childhood dream, he became an artist.

Dali once said: Compared with other artists, there is only one simple difference between me and other artists, that is: I am rich, very rich.

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"The only difference between me and a madman is that I am not a madman"

Dali has been a "demon king of chaos" since he was a child. Not only is he rebellious, but he is also difficult to get along with. For example, in order to attract attention in school, he would jump down the stairs and fall so bruised that his face was bruised, but he felt elated. He also wet the bed until he was 8, just for fun, and of course, it was more common for him to wander around in fancy clothes.

After leaving school, he also found an "organization" and joined a group of experimental artists in Paris. Their works were bizarre and full of rich fantasies. At that time, Dali was so excited: "This is the free life I pursue!"

Joining the surrealist group, he has become more and more unpredictable in his paintings, but he has become more and more unrestrained in his marketing. Except being an artist, a writer, a scientist, and whatever else I want to be when I wake up in the morning.

A beard sells for $10,000

No matter what era, Dali is definitely the person who knows how to market himself best. Yoko Ono once asked to take away one of Dali's iconic beards. With Dali's "stingy" character, how could it be so easy for her to get it? He said that a beard needs 10,000 US dollars to pay, but Yoko Ono agreed. But Dali was worried that Yoko Ono would use the beard for witchcraft, so Dali quietly sold her the beard instead of the dried leaves.

Talent can really do anything

Dalí showed an amazing talent for drawing from an early age.

As a representative of surrealism, Dali's paintings are mostly about dreams and subconsciousness, so he has almost no normal paintings, but the wonderful composition and shape always give people the feeling that they have seen them in a dream.

"The Persistence of Memory" is not only a super-representative work of surrealism, but also Dalí's most popular work, so that countless imitations have appeared.

Not only was Dalí able to draw his dreams with a pen, he was also a genius at sculpture. His sculpture works also carry his own unique style.

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In the history of Spanish painting, Dalí, together with Picasso and other painting masters, wrote the legendary history of painting in Spain. Dalí's empty eyes were watching the world all the time.

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