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March 02, 2019
The Two Wax Figures Look Realistic In Zhongshan Expo Center Turned Out To Be Her "Masterpieces"!

An exhibition celebrating 40 years of reform and opening up in Zhongshan held at the Expo Center, there was two "old men" playing chess are particularly eye-catching, so much so that most people thought they were a "reality show" at first. The waxwork is breathtaking, which is almost as real as the real thing.

The wax figures come from a company founded by the master of Zhongshan Arts and Crafts.

Zhou Xuerong

Zhou Xuerong, the founder of Zhongshan Grand Orient Wax Art Co.,Ltd, a master of arts and crafts in Zhongshan City, she was born in Sichuan and grew up in Hunan as a "Xiang Mei Zi".


In 1999, she began to engage in wax figure research and creation. When she came to Zhongshan to meet a client by chance, she was infected by the gentleness and tranquility of the night scenes on both sides of the Qijiang River. So she and her husband decided to move the wax figure production from Shenzhen to Zhongshan and develop a career by the side of Qijiang River.

Many citizens are curious about how the wax figure was made, which can be almost "genuine".


Zhou Xuerong introduced that to make a wax figure requires preliminary data collection. The later stages of sculpture, remodeling, coloring, and hair planting will take about three to four months to complete. Each process will involve experienced and skilled craftsmen, such as sculptures, moulders, makeup artists, hairdressers, etc., subdivide the process to make each link more detailed.

How is a wax figure made?

  1. 1."Sculpting is the first step. The figures' head circumference, eyebrow distance, pupil distance, nose length, etc., you must be familiar with the data. When the whole is roughly done, the partial detail work has just begun. Every producer must go to understand the creative objects' appearance characteristics, daily habits, expressions, personalities, etc. Only by thoroughly understanding can the wax figures be made vividly."



After the mud sculpture was finished, it was turning over to a plaster concave mold. "Originally, we used the matched wax to fill the grooves to turn out the shape, and then process and modify it, but now we use a softer and close to human skin silicone mold. It's better and easy to keep."


In the sculpture process, we need to finish the facial pores, skin texture, etc., and artificial eyes and teeth are installed to prepare for the subsequent coloring. "If every step closely linked to another, the face will have more details to see."


The coloring process is more like a painter drawing a light-color portrait of a character. The contours of the face, the dark side of the skin, natural spots, age spots, etc. are all done here, and the makeup artist makes modifications according to the facial characteristics.


In the hair planting process, it's a test for the patience of the hair planter. According to the hair growth direction, the hair planter replants each hair into the silicone scalp with embroidery needles to form a natural hair path and a fluffy effect. Then, according to each creation, the hairstyle need to be retrimmed. It would take more than ten days for the character to "put on" a beautiful hair.

It usually takes more than ten days to implant the hairs one by one. This part has stunned the visitors, but it is not the most difficult part in the eyes of the wax artist. 

All kinds of hair are collected from real hair. The few grids in the picture, ordinary people has looked dizzy, the wax artist needs to implant them one by one.


The body torso covered by clothes should not be sloppy. According to the collected data, the torso characteristics of the creative object need to be restored. Finally, the costumer puts the characters in suitable clothes, and a wax figure is basically completed.

The wax figure must not only look like the same but also has its spirit


Standing in front of the work "The Artist" in the Wax Art Museum, the fidelity of the figures and spirits is breathtaking. The prototype of the work is Leng Jun, a world-renowned super-realistic oil painting artist. In order to pursue the ultimate, from hair to lines of the hand all comes from Leng Jun.

After the creation of the work, he gave an assessment "God, masterpiece!".

Zhou Xuerong said that the creat "human" plan she has been doing over the years is to give wax figures to human spirit and soul. After the wax figure of Academician Yuan Longping was finished, in order to show the state of this simple scientist, she specially asked Yuan Longping for an old dress. The real person wore with natural folds and human breath. The wax figure will be more charming when put it on. In the work "Chivalrous Feelings-Zhang Jizhong", in order to restore Zhang Dao's fluffy white hair, she carefully selected and implanted wax figures from the hair of more than one hundred people, and the effect was basically achieved.

So far, Grand Orient Wax Art has created more than 600 wax figures. It is the only wax figure creation agency authorized by celebrities in China, such as Jiang Kun, Lang Lang, Yang Liwei, Yuan Longping, Nie Yuan, Li Chen, Wang Baoqiang, Wang Gang, Liu Yiwei and more than 80 society Celebrities from all walks of life signed the authorization letter for wax figure creation with Grand Orient Wax Art.

"We have no shortcuts, we only have ingenuity." --- Zhou Xuerong


Producer: Wei Lijun

Director: Zhan Qilin

Text/Reporter: Leng Qidi

Video, picture/Reporter: Sun Junjun

Later period: Huang Yijie

Editor: Zeng Jiahui

Source: Zhongshan Daily

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