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May 08, 2020

The Chinese Zhou Xueyong's wax figure is indistinguishable from the real one! 

Recently, Zhou Xuerong, the founder of the brand "WEI MU KAI LA" Wax Museum and the master of arts and crafts, has received an invitation from the program group of Hunan TV's first original handicraft decryption interactive experience show "Qiao Shou Shen Tan". It's a new program that takes handicraft works as the entrance and inherits traditional Chinese culture in a new form of decryption. She gladly accepted the invitation of the program group and brought representative works such as "Leng Jun" and " Old Granny" for the first period of the program. The super-realistic wax figures have brought a great challenge to the eyesight test of the detective team consists of Angelababy, Tan Zhuo, Xiao Yang, Du Haitao, Zhou Zhennan and others. She said frankly, "In order to better inherit the Chinese traditional culture, I hope that through this program, the public will see the unique waxwork art, and I am very grateful to the program team for their recognition and support."


After the airing of the program,the wax figures created by Zhou Xuerong have attracted a lot of attention and discussion from the audience because of their vividness and indistinguishable authenticity, "These wax figures are too real" and "Ms. Zhou is really amazing". With more than 20 years in the industry, each wax figure created by Zhou Xuerong has been integrated with her emotion and love. With the spirit of doing things to the best, hopes to bring the wax figure business to a new height through her persistence and innovation. and to better inherit and spread eastern culture and wisdom with the carrier of wax figures. When creating waxworks, Zhou Xuerong will repeatedly refine the external form and look of the wax figure, and if she finds that the look is not right, she will immediately overturn it and start again from scratch. Every inch of skin and every hair is like a reproduction of the regeneration level, only for the work of excellence.


Inheriting and spreading Chinese traditional culture has always been something she insisted on. She is determined to inherit the culture by handwork, and use wax art to show Chinese history, so that more people can see the profoundness of Chinese culture. Whether it's "Journey to the West", one of the Four Great Classical Novels, Yuan Longping, the "Father of Hybrid Rice", and Yang Liwei, "The First Man in Spaceflight in China". Her wax figures contain strong Chinese cultural heritage, and are committed to enhancing the self-cultural identity of the Chinese people and the national self-confidence and pride.

"WEI MU KAI LA" is a wax museum brand founded by Zhou Xuerong, determined to build a Chinese national brand wax museum. She focusing on the promotion and development of wax art. These wax figures are in museums, wax museums, and cultural centers around the world.


"WEI MU KAI LA" wax museum adheres to the original intention of art and uses the heart of craftsmen to carve the foundation of the brand. Integrates modern technology to create an immersive sensory experience. To inherit cultural symbols, polish the historical imprint, and convey the splendor of Chinese culture. With the display of wax figures of celebrities as the highlight, the mission is to inherit and spread Chinese culture, and strive to continuously inject strength into the self-improvement and self-confidence of Chinese culture.

Since its establishment, the wax museums with different themes have been opened in Guangzhou, Xiamen, Lijiang, Changsha, Dalian, Malaysia and other places around the world. Through a variety of display methods such as imaging technology, artificial intelligence and innovative scene design. To emphasizes visit, interaction and experience is created for the audience, so that the audience will be immersed and linger.

Regarding the development direction of the wax museum, she mentioned that "in the future, we are going to build more museums in difference cites, bringing more wonderful sensory experiences to the audience, and marching towards "more than just a wax museum".

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