Wax Art and Cultural Tourism Interaction with the Perspective of Generation Z (II) | DXDF, Grand Orient Wax Figure

February 22, 2022
He Qianying
/ a senior student of Jinan University

The audience of urban culture is not only from abroad, but also from this city. So I think maybe in the future the cultural tourism industry can distinguish between these two groups. Because the needs of different groups will be different, maybe people in the city will be a little bit deeper in the pursuit of local culture, and they may want to see not only the things in the surrounding life, but also the past experiences that they have not lived, while people from abroad want to see things that they do not have the opportunity to experience at present, and then I think the wax museum can build a platform to present the targeted miniature.

He Ruixi
/ student representative

I think wax art belongs to a subdivision of culture, or wax figures also include a kind of heritage. So I’m curious if the wax museum has considered to let the audience to understand what process the wax statue needs to go through to be presented to the audience? Maybe using some scenes to be able to do a whole industry chain display.

Although there is already a small display of wax figure production on the small screen at the entrance of the museum, is it possible to create opportunities for visitors to understand more deeply or to interact with wax figure production, and also to create more wax figure-related creations to satisfy visitors' desire to consume after the visit?

Liu Zhen

There will be an innovative phase of cultural creation in the next two years, and a better integration of cultural creation and wax figures. For example, making wax figures into small sculptures, giving them more forms and even a spirit in them, I believe many people are willing to take this beauty back home.

Yang Yongqi
/ student representative

Has the wax museum ever considered integrating digital technology, such as AR, into the wax figure. For example, touching the wax figure, then it will move and can tell some stories?

Liu Zhen

We often say that the future of cultural tourism the flow is king, then empowerment with technology and cultural is the most basic, so that we will combine with VR/AR on the expression in the future to enrich the story.

He Qianying
/ a senior student of Jinan University

I thought of a small question, at present we can only stay in the wax museum if we want to know about the wax figure, because the placement of the statue will be restricted by certain conditions. So is it possible to let the wax figure "go out"? Because I think it is a good publicity point to let the wax figure "go out" and let more people know about the wax figure.

Ms. Zhou

This is a great proposal. In fact, we have been planning and trying to put some waxworks in some shopping malls or places to do some displays. I hope that such interaction will have a good theme, so that the sculpture will have a different meaning, which will make the audience more impressed.

Wu Dan
/ host

First of all, I would like to express my respect for the wax art and the interest and energy that Ms. Zhou put into the creation of the statue. Because when I first learned about the process of making wax figure and the story of Ms. Zhou, the three words that came to my mind were professionalism, craftsmanship, and most importantly, humanistic sentiment. I think both art creators and cultural tourism project operators need to invest in sentiment.

The second point is some ideas mentioned by students, which I think can be roughly summarized into two levels, the first one is the cultural content level, which can pay more attention to "period" and "territoriality"; then in terms of wax museum operation, it is reflected in two key words. "sense of ritual" and "technology". Although the wax museum is already a collection of many IPs, can we treat the wax museum as an IP and make it a cultural landmark or a window of the city, because it is a place with a sense of ritual itself?

On top of these two levels, Mr. Liu also mentioned a bottom thing - culture is the most basic, content is the king, and ultimately how we want to tell the content, it also needs the help of technology. So I think content is king, technology empowerment and culture core, these three can be the logic of wax museum as a cultural tourism project to operate.

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