Bespoke Wax Counterparts Life-size LeBron James Wax Statue for Exposition

Silicone head,Fiberglass body
2 years
Collection and Attraction
Brand Name
Grand Orient Wax Art(DXDF)
Statue Size
203cm height
outfits be customized
Life Span
At least 25 years to 30 years
Temperature and Humidity
Room temperature is ok
Long-life maintenance support
Plywood box with inner box


LeBron Raymone James Sr. is an American professional basketball player; Nicknamed "King James", he is widely considered one of the greatest players in NBA history and is frequently compared to Michael Jordan in debates over the greatest basketball player ever. 

Why our James wax figure is better and more lifelike than others, the following is the reason.

   1. Platinum silicone: colorless, odorless and oil-free, the highest grade for food products.

   2. Super similarity: for both face and body shape up to 99.5%, that's why we call lifelike wax figure.

   3. Customized pigments: let the makeup vivid and long-lasting.

   4. Real human hair: makes the wax statue more lifelike in details.

In the next future, we will gradually introduce more famous basketball stars, if you are interested, please continue to pay attention to our news, or contact us directly.

Product Details
Company Profile


A One-stop Solution Partner for Wax Museum Project

The world is changing with each passing day. The development of future China, belongs to the people with unremitting, positive energy, mindfulness and craftsmanship. 

Walking together with the one who has wisdom and kind-heart, the love is infinite and hope is boundless.

We are not only creating a piece of wax figure, but also spreading a kind of culuture!         

  • 01
     One-stop Service
    One stop solution service for wax museum,from concept design to installation to operation, we have many experience can be exchanged 
  • 02
    Payment Refund
    Payment refund or we provide you related parts for free in case of any bad quality issues
    Wax Museum Brand Chain
    The owner of 7 Weimukaila wax museums in China mainland and opening more,lots of background of statues can be sent to you reference for free....
  • 04
    20 Years Experience
    Strong designer & artist team with more than 20 years experience
  • 05
    Celebrity Permission
    The only wax figure factory able to get celebrities authorization in China for free,Super similarity for both face and body shape up to 99.5%
  • 06
    Platinum Silicone
    Highest grade for food products,colorless, odorless and oil-free silicone,
ABOUT US            
Wax Figure Manufacturer
Grand Orient Wax Art defines the true meaning of art by the craftsmanship, makes every wax creation perfect, vivid. The audience touched by the wax art not only by the realistic outlooks, but also the spirit and emotion inside, giving more impressive visual experience to all ages people.             
WeiMuKaiLa Wax Museum Operator
The wax museum WEI MU KAI LA is the national brand wax museum, it deeply explored and represented the local culture, combined the celebrity wax figure and district scene. Through the interaction between audiences and wax figures, scene, tools, strength of the participatory, experience and interaction, make a relaxing and happy journey for the tourists.

Platinum silicone

Colorless, odorless and oil-free, highest grade for food products


Customized pigments

Make up vivid and long-lasting


Human hair

Real human hairs


Customized outfit

Make the sculpture look more classy


Resin eyeball

Customized resin eyeball more subtle


Resin teeth

Customized resin teeth

Step 1
Measurements collection, if only have pictures and videos, then of course it is ok for us to make the life-size wax figure;
Step 2
Clay model creation;
Step 3
Finished clay model compare with the real person for customer confirmation;
Step 4
After get customer's confirmation, we start to make mold;
Step 5
Try on clothes,to make sure everything is perfect;
Step 6
Color processing;
Step 7
Hair planting;
Step 8

Top artist's inspection, then fix the makeup and everything;

Step 9
Finished wax statues ,after custom package box it can be ready for ship.



      Q1: Do you guys make statues from pictures?

      A1: The answer is yes, we are trying to get more celebrities' authorization, but most celebrities statues still need to be made from pictures yet.

      And for old people we can only make their statues from pictures.  

      Q2: When can I get the price? 

      A2: We usually quote within 12 hours after we get your inquiry. If you are very urgent to get the price, please call us.

      Q3: How long can I expect to get the sample/products? 

      A3: Usually, it will be ready for delivery in 4 months if the wax figure is new that we do not have mold, but one month for our existing wax figure.

      For samples, because all figures are 1:1life size, the volume is very big, and transportation cost will be huge, so we would like our clients visit our factory to see samples.  

      Q4: What kind of shipping you use?

      A4: Consider the volume is huge, sea shipment will be better, so if you want to have an order, you had better send us your order information early.

      Sure, the air shipment or express is operational.

      Q5: What is your warranty?  

      A5: Because all figures need makeup on face and hands, there will be some fade issues after a long time, regular maintenance will be necessary for figures every 6 months.

      We provide a year free maintenance, after that we provide free labor, but the ticket fare and lodging fee of the trip will charge back.

      We will teach our customers do routine attention for figures to make sure the statues perfect every day.

      Q6: If my goods is broken when I get it, what should I do?  

      A6: It is not common that you receive one broken products, but to be honest, it may happen because of some accidents during transportation.

      The goods may be broken because of violent collision caused by ship, truck or careless handling. Please take several photos of the packing before you open it.

      If the packing is okay, but goods is broken, it's our responsibility. On the contrary, if the packing and the goods are both broken, it's the logistic company's responsibility. 

      We promise: no matter whose responsibility it is, as long as the goods is broken, we will try our best to send you a new one in the shortest time freely.

      Q7: What is payment/shipment terms do you have?

      A7: EXW, FOB shipment term is ok; TT and L/C payment term is ok.

      Q8: What should buyers do?

      A8: Prepare the pictures, videos or ideas for the wax figures you want.

            1. Photos taken from different angles. (The front, right and left side, back and top)

            2. Photos show the body shape and cloth style.

            3. Photos show the face. The more photos clear, the better we can make.

            4. Photos or ideas about the action you want.      

            5. It would be better if you can tell us the following data (stature, measurements of the breast, waist and hip).

Basic Information
  • Year Established
  • Business Type
    Manufacturing Industry
  • Country / Region
  • Main Industry
  • Main Products
    wax figure,wax statue,wax museum project
  • Enterprise Legal Person
  • Total Employees
    16~100 people
  • Annual Output Value
  • Export Market
    Chinese Mainland,European Union,Middle East,Eastern Europe,Latin America,Africa,Oceania,Japan,Southeast Asia,America
  • Cooperated Customers
    COSTA,AEK Greece,Malaysia Red Carpet Wax Museum,Infinity Studio,Tashkent city IBC
Company Profile
Zhongshan Grand Orient Wax Art Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest organizations making waxwork creations in China. We have been specializing in waxwork study and creation for nearly 20 years.(Grand Orient subordinated to Elephant Sculpture Art, which was established in 2000,the group company has played the leading role in wax figures creation, and design,decoration/construction for wax museum and indoor & outdoor theme park.). Our team consisting of the R&D team, sculptor team,3D team, production team, and after sales team. A total of 20 artists are responsible for the appearance of the statues. Now we have our own national brand wax museum “Wei Mu Kai La”. The waxworks are widely received by the community and highly recognized by social elites, celebrities and stars. We are authorized by more than 100 celebrities from China and abroad. And our wax museum “Wei Mu Kai La” also growing fast in important culture and tourism cities at home and abroad, including Malaysia, Guangzhou, Changsha, Xiamen, Dalian, Lijiang and Tibet etc. The Chinese brand wax museum is born.
realistic wax sculpture like size wax figure Basketball player sport star Grand Orient LeBron James
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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