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Character Story | How did Jackie Chan become the spokesperson of Chinese Kung Fu movies?

April 20, 2023
Character Story | How did Jackie Chan become the spokesperson of Chinese Kung Fu movies?

"The tribute must come true"


As Lao Luo said in the movie, "The tribute must be real", at the shooting scene, Jackie Chan took part in all action scenes, big and small, insisting on real fights and real falls. When Jackie Chan and Wu Jing played against each other, the two couldn't help crying when they recalled the experience of working hard on the set in the past. At the shooting scene, Jackie Chan often appeared on the set to help when he was resting. Jackie Chan went from being a stand-in to acting as a dragon and tiger martial artist, and then to acting as an action director. With injuries all over his body, Jackie Chan has become an international actor step by step, which is admirable.


"As a child, I was always humble"


Jackie Chan was born in a rich man's mansion on the top of Victoria Hill in Hong Kong, but his home was hidden in a narrow and simple back alley. His father was a cook and his mother was a servant. In his memory, childhood was always "beaten and taught". My home is on Mount Victoria, far away from the school at the foot of the mountain, and my mother would give Jackie Chan a bus fare every day. But because he can eat so much and loves it so much, he often uses the fare to buy fish ball powder to eat, and when he wants to go home, he tries his luck on the side of the road and asks someone with a car to pick him up for a while.


But no matter how good luck is, there are times when it doesn't work. Sometimes he didn't catch the car, and worried that his mother would find him when he came home too late, so he simply took a shortcut and chose rock climbing to go home at the final stage of getting home. The mountain road was steep and dangerous. With his small body, he grabbed branches and rocks and quickly climbed back to the backyard. Unexpectedly, once I was only focused on rock climbing, and was hit by my father who happened to be home from get off work. His father couldn't help but take him home, gave him a hard lesson, and put him in confinement.


It is said that "if you eat, you will gain wisdom", but Jackie Chan was a mischievous "trickster" king when he was a child. After that time, Jackie Chan, the gluttonous ghost, still used the fare to buy delicious food. It's just that every time he climbs the mountain to go home, he learns to look first - to see if there is any sign of his father. In school, he also continued his true colors. He was hyperactive, and felt that the teacher's lectures were boring, so he deliberately sat on a chair and fell backwards in class, making the whole class laugh. Sometimes I make funny faces to my classmates, and sometimes I knock on the table cracklingly, making it impossible for everyone to have class quietly. Later, the teacher became impatient and made him stand outside the classroom as punishment.


In his autobiography "I am Jackie Chan", he joked about his experience like this: "If I learned anything that will help me in the future, it is how to sleep standing up. Many years later, I often used it on the set. This skill."


This kind of life lasted for a year. Jackie Chan was often punished for various reasons such as "not doing homework, deliberately making trouble, disobeying discipline", and finally repeated the grade. His parents saw that he was not a material for studying, so they took him home. . At that time, Jackie Chan didn't know what this meant, he just felt that he could finally escape from the school and be free from control.


Unexpectedly, it didn't take long for him to be sent by his father to a place with more control - Yu Jim-yuen’s Chinese Drama Academy.


When he was first admitted to the hospital, the master loved Jackie Chan very much because he was young. Compared with his brothers, who practiced kung fu under the scorching sun every day, Jackie Chan was undoubtedly happier. After adapting to life at the Chinese Opera Academy, the master no longer gave Jackie Chan "special treatment" and let him join the team of hard-working kung fu.


"Being a person is not afraid of pain, scolding, or tiredness"


After the decline of the traditional opera industry, Jackie Chan entered the film industry with his big brother Sammo Hung.


In 1971, director Luo Wei prepared to shoot "Fist of Fury", starring the famous Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan had the opportunity to become a member of the martial arts. It was also in this play that Jackie Chan began to show his "hard work". To achieve the ultimate devotion to each role - this is what Jackie Chan has always pursued.


The words show the professional ethics of an actor-keep improving every frame of the picture, go all out for every character. It is precisely because of this professional ethics that Jackie Chan was able to make his mark in the entertainment circle full of masters, and had the opportunity to change from a role to a protagonist.


As an actor, Jackie Chan not only represents the achievements of Hong Kong movies, but also has worldwide influence. As the spokesperson of Chinese kung fu movies, he showed people the concept of heroes in traditional Chinese culture in Hollywood, opened a window for the world to understand Chinese culture, and became a dissemination and promoter of traditional Chinese culture.


Dressed in a Tang suit, he is not only a simple screen hero, but also a role model for Chinese people facing the world stage.


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