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What Makes a Good Silicone Wax Figure? | DXDF, Grand Orient Wax Figure

April 04, 2023
What Makes a Good Silicone Wax Figure? | DXDF, Grand Orient Wax Figure

In Grand Orient Wax Art silicone wax figure production team is industry-leading in terms of professionalism, personal skills, and silicone materials. According to our usual experience in making high-quality silicone wax figures, we will tell you some ways to identify the quality of silicone wax figures:

First, Collect Sufficient Character Data

To make a perfect silicone wax figure, it is necessary to collect sufficient character data in the early stage. These data include physical data: such as height, measurements, skin color, etc.; daily life data: dressing style;character data: personality habits, and expressions.

In Grand Orient Wax Art, there is a professional data collection team to collect data on characters and objects. The more data, the better, and the more detailed. After collecting and understanding more material data, we can interpret the creative character more comprehensively. These data will be the basis for lifelike silicone wax figures.

Second, Excellent Silicone Wax Figure Creation Team

This is critical. A professional sculptor team will study all character data to understand the subject's personality characteristics before production. When they were creating the clay model of the silicone wax figure, they injected the character's personality learned earlier into the clay model and then spent a lot of time making the skin texture and other details...

Third, the selection of silicone materials.

If the material you choose is good, then the silicone wax produced will be better, and the image will be very realistic. The quality of the material will be see from color, tactility, and brightness. If ordinary silicone is used, the disadvantages will be exposed after a prolonged storage time. The silicone wax figure will secrete oil and fade at the same time. This is one of the reasons why Grand Orient Wax Art insists on using platinum silicone. If the same silicone wax figure designer uses different materials to create, the effect of the wax produced will be very different.

In Grand Orient Wax Art, we recommend platinum silicone. The "skin" of the silicone wax figures we make is elastic and close to the natural person, without deformation or fading, and the dust can be washed with water. Silicone wax figures made of platinum silicone have realistic artistic expression, durability, and economical maintenance costs. It is currently the most suitable material for making silicone wax figures..

Professional Silicone Wax Figure Manufacturing & Wax Figure Museum Project | Grand Orient Wax Art Co., Ltd.

Professional Silicone Wax Figure Manufacturer & Wax Figure Museum Project builder | Grand Orient Wax Art Co., Ltd. Making a lifelike silicone wax figure needs experience and experts. In DXDF Wax Art they record each detail, such as beauty marks, moles, skin textures, pores, tattoos...etc. To ensure each statue have their unique style. Contact with DXDF if you have any project need wax figure for attraction or get more people’s attention.

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