WeiMuKaiLa Wax Museum in Dalian, China | DXDF, Grand Orient Wax Figure


Dalian WeiMuKaiLa Wax Museum is the first Chinese national brand wax museum in northeast China, located on the fifth floor of Central Avenue Tourism and Culture Shopping Center, Xi'an Road, Dalian. 

Daily life in the wax museum

There are many thematic areas such as Sports Festival, Music Festival, Star Film Studio, Crazy Animal City, Marvel Hero League, Financial Summit, etc., More than dozens of wax figures of celebrities and stars are stationed in the museum.

When you enter the wax museum, you will be greeted by the wax sculpture of Yuan Longping, the "father of hybrid rice".

Walk forward and you will see Yao Ming and Kobe having a great basketball game. Besides, there are scenes of the three biggest soccer stars in the world, Beckham, Cairo and Messi, which you can't see in reality! Each wax figure character on site is so lifelike that even a drop of sweat on their body is carefully carved.

The sports area is also prepared with free interactive games of soccer and billiards to make your touring experience even more exciting!

In the aviation section of the exhibition hall, "China's first man in space" Yang Liwei and "China's first female astronaut" Liu Yang were dressed in spacesuits and waved to visitors in a simulated warehouse.

When you step out of the capsule and walk towards the runway, the stairs and passageways under your feet will emit dazzling colors and piano sounds as you move. Waiting for you at the other end of the runway is the V.I.P. angel Miranda Kerr, wearing snow-white angel wings.


The next place we came to be the famous music hall of the wax museum. Here the neon glittering, music stars gathered together. Do you want to dance with Michael Jackson or just enjoy Lang Lang's elegant music?

In the star studio, the classic scene of Marilyn Monroe at the entrance of the subway station in hand over the white dress has been recreated here.

What's more surprising is that there are also the four members of the Journey to the West, a moment as if back to the memories of childhood. If the Tang monk and his three disciples to the scene, can you tell who is real and who is fake?

In a flash, "Zootopia" has been staged for five years, for this reason, we have brought the rabbit officer Judy, fox Jack and cute sloth, back to the innocent era, back to "Zootopia" with us.

Before entering the next hall, we set a small challenge to "trick" you, that is the famous "laser array", which is the way to the "Marvel Universe"! Challenge it bravely.

After passing through the laser array, there is the Marvel Universe that countless people have dreamed of for so long. "Captain America", "Wolverine", "Black Widow", "Hulk ", "James Bond". Get ready to fight alongside them against the forces of evil villains and create the next glory.

Don't miss the wonderful shooting game, we prepared it for you to obtain a more perfect experience in WeiMuKaiLa museum.

In a gorgeous and elegant high-class suite, gathered the financial world's leading figures Warren Buffett, Li Ka-shing, Wang Jianlin, are having lunch together, discussing the world economic trends, seize the opportunity to ask them for advice on how to invest!

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