Weimukailai Gulangyu Wax Museum

Size of this wax museum is 1500 meter squares, total set up 80 wax statues.





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The most popular internet celebrity wax museum for all ages people in he world!

The predecessor of this wax museum is the Gulangyu Red Carpet Wax Museum,which was built in 2013 and it was our first wax museum. At that time, the Red Carpet Wax Museum had an area of 400 square meters and 60 wax figures,scenes was very crowded and visitors had a poor experience.

At the end of 2019 we expanded and redecorated this wax museum and reopened it in April 2020. In the new Weimukaila (Gulangyu) Wax Museum, we present a perfect tourist destination with the combination of wax figure,installation art and lightings.

Layout for this Weimukaila (Gulangyu) Wax Museum.

Layout for the second floor

You will see how we set up the wax figures and how to full use the space;


Layout for the third floor

We have a drink shop and a souvenir shop in this floor;


Layout for the fourth floor

There is a rest area with a distant view of the island.



Here also share with you some design ideas for this wax museum project:

1,Focus on the effect of large space scenes, more use of finished custom class wall finishes to create the overall space ,use custom-made soft furnishing props and combine the texture of the material itself to create a high-level feeling of space.


2.We use customized finishing materials and extract soft furnishing props associated with the wax figure as space decoration, which not only ensure the matching degree between the scene and the wax figure but also fully consider the adjustment of the subsequent operation layout, meeting the operation function demand as well as the design demand.

Hope you enjoy the above information,please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about both wax figure and wax museum project.          

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