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August 20, 2021

Weimukaila Jinan Wax Museum is located at the north entrance of Impressions Jinan Spring World. On August 8,it started its trial operation. The Wax Museum takes Jinan’s century-old railway station as its design inspiration, and partially restores the old railway station, such as the large arched window above the lintel of the ticket hall, and the old-fashioned Steam Locomotive decorated on the roof. This wax museum covers an area of 5,000 square meters and has 16 themed exhibition areas, a total of more than 100 lifelike wax figures on display. There are not only familiar celebrities, but also famous scholars, scientists and other outstanding persons in each field. It is also a Patriotism Education Base to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of The Communist Party of China.


With celebrity wax figures as highlights, integrated into the Shandong cultural characteristics.


Ms. Zhou Xuerong, the founder of Zhongshan Grand Orient Wax Art Co., Ltd. ,also the founder of WeiMuKaiLa Wax Museum, has been engaged in wax figure art for 21 years and it is one of the earliest artists engaged in wax figure creation in China. Up to now, it has created nearly more than 700 wax figures and opened wax museums with different themes in Guangzhou, Changsha, Lijiang, Dalian, Gulangyu, Tibet,Jinan and Malaysia, etc. Its wax museum has received more than 2 million visitors.


The Jinan Wax Museum takes "cultural self-confidence" as the theme, wax figures as the carrier, and Qilu cultural etiquette as an opportunity to select outstanding figures in various fields in Shandong history, aiming to build a brand with local characteristics that promotes Shandong culture and inherits Chinese civilization etiquette. There are not only well-known celebrities, but also has our QiLu’s talented and virtuous people theme pavilion. The combination of wax figure culture and Shandong characteristic culture is both creative and educational.


Wax statue art breaks the boundaries of time and space, pursuing reality as well as surreal art. The presence of the wax museum fills the gaps in Jinan's related business formats. It will attract more and more tourists to the park to appreciate wax figures, appreciate history, and cherish reality. Visitors can get in close contact with celebrities they admire, and learn about ancient and modern China and foreign countries’ various fields of outstanding person through wax figures, it plays a soundless cultural transmission and inheritance effect.

There has many opening promotion, it’s a good choice for leisure and entertainment.


The 16 themed exhibition areas in the venue, including the Red Revolution Zone, Traditional Culture Zone, Liao Zhai Forest Zone, Journey to the West, Martial Arts Zone, DC & Marvel Zone, Kaleidoscope, and Music Corridor. Both men, women and children can feast their eyes.


In the special cultural exhibition area of Shandong, it has "a Shandong unique, spread for thousands of years" Wu Dalang cooking Chinese cakes and Pan Jinlian selling pickles. The traditional Chinese cakes are crisp but not greasy, and the pickles are sweet but not tangy. Come and listen to their true love stories.


Although the bean sprouts rich in Shandong are common, but they contain 2000 years of history and culture. Come to the museum, let's be the assistant of the granny, and nurture the most common but precious delicacy.


The opening of Jinan Wax Museum, how can there be no "support" of these old and new friends?


Zhang Jizhong (Famous Film Producer), who won the Film Lifetime Achievement Award and served as the producer of classic films such as "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" and "The Return of the Condor Heroes".


Wang Baoqiang (China TV Golden Eagle Award for Most Popular Actor), starring in high box office movies such as "A World Without Thieves", "Lost In Thailand" and "Detective Chinatown".


Zhong Nanshan (Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering), has been committed to the research, prevention and treatment of major respiratory infectious diseases and chronic respiratory diseases for a long time, and has great achievements, also he is the "Medal of the Republic" gainer.


In addition to film and television celebrities, there are also wax figures of sports stars, martial arts characters, DC & Marvel super heroes and others will shocking appearances.


We make sure that each exhibition area is very exciting. Visitors can take intimate photos with the wax figures, participate in diversified scene interactions, and experience the wonderful journey of wax figures.

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