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Character Story | What If the world were without electricity? | DXDF, Grand Orient Wax Figure

September 28, 2022
Character Story | What If the world were without electricity? | DXDF, Grand Orient Wax Figure

If there is no electricity in the world, everyone working in the office may be cheering, thinking that they can take a break, but find that the mobile phone network cannot be connected, there is no signal, all telecommunication equipment has been paralyzed, and all electrical appliances, equipment and public facilities have become decorations. Family and friends have lost contact, and you are eager to go home first.


As soon as the scene turns to the main road, the traffic lights no longer operate, the traffic order is chaotic, and the whole world is in traffic jams. Turning the focus to hospitals, the human catastrophe is just beginning. There are many machinery and equipment in hospitals that require high power operation, which are closely related to the lives of many patients. The loss of power will accelerate the passage of patients' lives, and the medical services they can use will be greatly reduced.


Of course, this is just a fantasy of our minds. As early as 1831 , the great scientist Michael Faraday has helped us solve the problem of no electricity usage.


Unlike water energy, wind energy, solar energy, biomass energy and other energy sources, which can be inexhaustible and inexhaustible in nature. The era without electricity really existed. The first person who proposed the concept of electricity was the ancient Greek philosopher Thales in 500 to 600 years BC.



Not until 1752 that Franklin appeared and did the famous kite experiment, "capturing the sky electricity", proving that the lightning in the sky and the electricity on the ground are the same thing, and then invented the lightning rod.




In 1821 , Faraday invented the electric motor, which is the originator of all electric motors used in the world today.




On September 23 , 1831 , Faraday discovered electromagnetic induction and created the world's first generator that can generate continuous current. This invention is the precursor of modern large-scale generators.


There are three portraits on Einstein's study wall, namely Newton, Maxwell and Faraday. He believes that Faraday and Maxwell jointly initiated the most significant change in the theoretical basis of physics after Newton.



Since Faraday invented the generator, generators around the world have been born like "new babies" and continue to "grow up". Soon, the generator turned mechanical energy into electrical energy, provided new energy for mankind, and made mankind enter the electrical age from the steam age.

"I hope your younger generation will be able to be as warm and radiant as candles, and be loyal and down-to-earth to contribute to the great cause of mankind."


- Michael Faraday


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