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April 23, 2024

"People are willing to pay $1,000 for my kisses

But won't buy my soul for five cents."

                                                                                                                    --Marilyn Monroe

Sexiness makes her a box office draw.

It's become a veritable top stream.

Marilyn Monroe (real name "Norma Jean Mortensen") is a name that has left an indelible mark on the history of starry Hollywood. She was known as a sex goddess.


The Motion Picture Association named her the greatest legendary screen actress of Hollywood's Golden Age, saying she was a sex symbol of her time.


The most iconic The Seven Year Itch dress was blown up in a scene filmed with so many onlookers that the police stepped in to keep order.


In the 10 years at the peak of her career, she made $200 million at the box office, which with inflation would be more than 15 billion RMB today.

However, this glittering star once lamented: "People are willing to pay $1,000 for my kiss, but not 5 cents for my soul", which reveals her deep loneliness and helplessness, as well as the public's misunderstanding and prejudice towards her.

12 times under a fence

Growing up in pieces.


Monroe was born in a Los Angeles hospital on 1 June 1926, but unlike other newborns, her birth did not seem to be welcomed or blessed by those around her.


She was an illegitimate child whose father abandoned Monroe's mother before she was born. Even more unfortunately, shortly after giving birth to Monroe, her mother suffered from post-partum depression so severe that she was unable to take on the responsibility of raising her daughter, and Monroe was forced out of her mother's arms and sent to a children's shelter, where she began a life of eleven moves through orphanages and foster homes.


Over the next decade or so, Monroe's life was filled with instability and change. She was adopted by multiple families, but these families did not do so out of love or concern for Monroe, but rather to receive a five-dollar-a-week allowance from the government.

Monroe’s childhood world, there is no kiss, no hug, cool eyes let her taste the world, in order to grow up better, Monroe always desperate to show herself for short-term shelter.


Perhaps because life was not easy, Monroe married James Dougherty, a neighbor's son, at the age of 16, a marriage that lasted about four years.

After her divorce, she went to work for an aircraft radio equipment manufacturer, during which she was invited by a photographer to take part in a photo shoot which opened the door to a modelling career.

Monroe's beauty and glamour quickly led her to the fashion world and she began to be photographed for magazines and advertisements, and in 1946 she signed with 20th Century Fox and dyed her hair blonde, thus launching her career as an actress.


It's a sexy girl.

And a puppet girl for capital.


Over the next few years, Monroe played small roles in several films, including A Funny Thing About Love (1949) and Fireball (1950). These roles, though small, provided her with valuable acting experience and gradually increased her popularity in the industry.

In 1953, her performance in the film Niagara won over critics and audiences alike. In the same year, she starred alongside Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis in the comedy film Some Like It Hot, which became one of her best-known works, and in which her role as the sexy singer "Sugar" made her a national sex symbol.


Monroe's performance in the 1955 comedy The Seven Year Itch, directed by Billy Wilder, made her an international superstar. In particular, the classic scene where she presses her skirt above an underground vent became one of the most famous moments in film history. The role not only cemented her place in Hollywood, but also made her a globally recognised sex icon.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             WeiMuKaiLa wax work Marilyn Monroe

Despite Monroe's success in film, her relationship with 20th Century Fox was often strained. She often voiced her opinions on scripts and character choices, which was unusual in Hollywood at the time.At one point in 1954, Monroe's contract was even suspended, but she subsequently renegotiated with Fox for a higher salary and more creative control.


Not pandering to reality

Be brave and be a maverick


Marilyn Monroe was not only an iconic sex goddess, but also a pioneer with a deep social consciousness and feminist ideology. Her life and career reflected her staunch defence of individual freedom and women's rights, even if it meant facing public misunderstanding and criticism.

In the mid-20th century, a relatively conservative era, Monroe openly preached women's rights and freedom. Undeterred by societal prejudices, she bravely attacked societal violations and injustices against women. She spoke openly about her childhood experiences of sexual abuse and the subterfuge she encountered in her acting career, behaviours that were very bold and edgy at the time.


Monroe has always endeavoured to get rid of the negative image of "slut", and through her actions and words, she has tried to create a more complex and multidimensional public image. She refused to be objectified and simplified, and insisted on showing her value and dignity as an independent individual.


Regarding Monroe's nude photos, she never bowed to public opinion. In her autobiography, she speaks candidly about the reasons for taking nude photographs, which were behind the difficult choices she made to make ends meet.


"Stupid" beauty is not stupid.

Instead, it's the literary youth


Monroe once said, "I had to have to beat myself up to play the stupid girls and ask the stupid questions. How the hell am I supposed to do that - to look smart?"

"There's no connection between my disillusionment and being a good actor; I know how third-rate I am and can feel my lack of talent like I'm wearing cheap, vulgar underwear. But God, how I longed to learn, to change, to improve."


She loves to read. She admits that she doesn't have any higher education, and there are some books she doesn't understand, but she still enjoys improving herself.


According to statistics, Monroe has at least 400 books in her home collection, and her Pulitzer Prize-winning author husband quipped that she has an original set of opinions and statements, and that there is not a piece of conformity in her bones.


You think she's lively and luxurious

In fact, she gives generously.


You'd expect a superstar to be living the life of a gold-digger, but the girl who sings "Diamonds are a woman's best friend" has never been a gold-digger, she doesn't even own a few pieces of jewellery.

Monroe's finances were not as wealthy as one might think, reportedly dying with only $4,000 in her account, half of which was donated to an orphanage by her doctor and half to an acting teacher.


According to her ex-husband, Monroe was a generous person during her lifetime, sponsoring those around her, including agents, lawyers and psychiatrists, and paying their children's school fees. Because her grandmother, her mother, and even herself suffered from genetic mental illness, she specifically left money in her will for psychiatric research.

She was passionate about children's charities, and the day before she died, her last appearance was at a fundraiser for the Children's Muscular Dystrophy Patients Fund. Not only did she fight for women's rights, but also for the black and Asian people of the time, and it was black and Asian children to whom she donated the most.


Lin Yutang then described Monroe: "While other actresses use beauty to plump up their pockets, she uses it to make the rich pay for the poor."


It is saddening to note that Marilyn Monroe passed away at the young age of 36. The superstar has fallen, but she has also left behind a legacy of brilliance and tragedy. Her life is a story of misunderstanding and truth, surface and interior, loneliness and love.


She's not just a sex goddess.

Still a great actor and charismatic character!

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