Character Story

Character Story | She took a group of photos, and was called a "liar" by the whole network

August 09, 2023
Character Story | She took a group of photos, and was called a "liar" by the whole network

Visitors who have been to the Wax Museum under the Canton Tower have all seen such a scene: an old man with a pensive face sits and plays chess with another old man with a smile. When everyone was walking around and was about to leave, they looked back and saw why the two old men were still playing chess. When someone came closer, he patted the old man's shoulder, rubbed his eyes, confirmed again, and then came back to his senses and praised again and again: "Oh, good guy ! So it's two dummies! "


The two old people who make everyone believe they are real are Zhou Xuerong's wax figure work "In-Laws," based on her father and father-in-law. In the past, Zhou Xuerong lived with four elderly people in her family, and her father and father-in-law often played chess together.

On an ordinary day, when Mr. Zhou came home from work, he saw his father and father-in-law playing chess on the balcony. The evening sun shone on the two of them. The picture was peaceful and beautiful, with infinite healing power.


This immediately inspired Zhou Xuerong's creation, and she had a plan to create a "human" in her mind. She wants to "freeze" this beautiful scene in the form of wax figure art. In order to perfectly present the work, Zhou Xuerong's father deliberately shaved his own hair and used it on the wax figure, and the two in-laws also donated their usual clothes.


It took eight months to complete the work. After seeing the finished product, Zhou Xuerong took a photo and sent it to Moments. Unexpectedly, even her husband didn't recognize it as a wax figure and praised her for her good composition.


Zhou Xuerong once said that to make a wax figure, it must be realistic, and there must be no sloppy details, down to a pore or a hair.


In addition to making wax figures for relatives around her, Zhou Xuerong has also made wax figures for many leading figures in the industry. She has to personally measure each figure, get in close contact with herself, and get the most accurate data.


Rather than making wax figures of celebrities, Zhou Xuerong prefers to use her relatives around her as inspiration. Freeze those unforgettable moments forever. When her grandmother was 90 years old, she created the wax figure "Old Granny", hoping to show her selfless warmth and meticulous care for her all her life through the skills at her fingertips. Even the wrinkles are exactly the same as Grandma herself.


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