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Top 3 Reasons Why Some Wax Statues Look Weird | DXDF, Grand Orient Wax Figure

May 06, 2023
Top 3 Reasons Why Some Wax Statues Look Weird | DXDF, Grand Orient Wax Figure

Why Do Some Wax Figures Look Weird?

Why is it so tough to get a wax statue looking just right? First, let’s consider the details that go into getting the perfect wax statue:

- Skin color – Here's a category that Beyonce fans will recognize well. When a wax statue of the Single Ladies singer was revealed in 2017, fans quickly pointed out that the singer was much lighter than the actual star herself. The wax museum quickly pointed out that lighting in the venue and flash photography may have caused the problem with her skin tone.

- Hair color & style – The wrong haircut and style can totally throw off the validity of a wax statue. Case in point: Nicole Kidman’s larger-than-normal forehead affected everything from her face shape to her overall hairstyle.

- Facial features and expression What do Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, and David Beckham have in common? The answer: wax statues that look nothing like they do, thanks to unrecognizable facial features and expressions. While the wax statue of Beckham looks frozen in time, poor Britney looks terrified in hers!

- Size accuracy – Explaining the process of having her wax statue made in 2012, Beyonce revealed that over 200 measurements were taken of her face and body to get it just right. Lucky for her, that’s one wax statue that turned out good. Not everyone was quite as lucky. Naomi Campbell’s wax statue in Bangkok not only features incorrect facial proportions but also misjudges eye and skin color too.


How to Make Vivid Wax Statues?

With everything that can go wrong in creating a wax statue, though, when it goes right, the result is simply breathtaking. Keen to find out how? The process involves seven key steps:

1. Measurement

It all starts with precise measurements. After all, the best celebrity wax figures share the exact same body and facial proportions as the subject. To do this, expert sculptors are normally sent to celebrities to avoid any mistakes.

2. Mold

Did you know that the best celebrity wax figures are actually molded using clay? The expert sculptors will make a clay model and turn it into a silicone mold, then use injection molding to create a true-size sculpture.

3. Sculpture

Next comes the most straightforward but essential part – building up the sculpture. This is done by assembling the parts of the wax figure.

4. Try-on clothes

With the body sculpture complete, now comes the fun part – dressing the celebrity in their most iconic outfit! The clothing chosen has to be instantly recognizable to visitors at first glance. Think Elvis Presley in his trademark bellbottoms or Marilyn Monroe in those figure-hugging gowns.

5. Color processing

Have you noticed how the world’s best celebrity wax figures have lifelike skin that appears almost translucent? This is achieved using a delicate blend of oil-based paints. These colors are stippled onto the wax using very small dots to give the skin texture and realistic color gradients.

6. Hair/beard/eyes insert

At this stage, the wax figure is ready for the longest process of them all – the addition of the hair. With the use of superfine, fork-like needles, individual hair strands are carefully inserted. Next follows the eyes. The former uses glass eyeballs with watercolors and silk thread for the irises.  

7. Inspection

The wax statue is now complete, and it’s time for very careful inspection. Every care is taken to inspect the finest details to ensure that not only does the sculpture resemble the celebrity as closely as possible but also that it will be able to withstand wear and tear as it goes on display.

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Check out the Vivid Wax Statues from Grand Orient Wax Art

With all the elaborate work that goes into creating them, it’s no wonder that the best celebrity wax figures are made by the finest craftsmen around. For this reason, finding the most reliable supplier is of the utmost importance. Look no further than Grand Orient Wax Art. With 20 years of experience in crafting wax statues, a dedicated team of 20 artists is on hand to handcraft the most lifelike wax statues.

Pay a visit to the Wei Mu Kai La Museum in Guangzhou, China, and witness their expertise for yourself. You’ll find a broad selection of famous faces from as far afield as China to Hollywood on display. And if you’d like to see a truly picture-perfect wax figure, check out this stunning replica from their collection. They are true works of art!

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