Walk into great discoveries and start a journey of wisdom | DXDF, Grand Orient Wax Figure

April 27, 2023
Walk into great discoveries and start a journey of wisdom | DXDF, Grand Orient Wax Figure

Grand Orient Wax Art

Make every effort to create a science museum with the theme of "Great Discovery"


"Great Discovery" is one of the series of theme wax museum projects launched by Grand Orient Wax Art. Its prototype is the Guangzhou Grandview Natural Science Wax Museum, which has created and exhibited 57 famous scientists in various fields around the world. Together with the Museum of Natural Sciences, it constitutes the banner content of "Grandview New Cultural Tourism".


The project is mainly aimed at urban families and young people who are studying in schools to check in and experience it. It takes culture as the guide and takes the experience of popular science as the main form to satisfy families and young people's pursuit of knowledge. It is artistic, informative, An innovative cultural and tourism project that is interesting and socially fresh.


The "Great Discovery" themed wax figure science museum consists of three functional sections: lobby service center, coffee book bar, and sales area, as well as ten themed zones. Starting from the theme vision of scientists, through the organic combination of wax figures, character stories and scientific principles, the comprehensive immersive experience of "humanities + technology is realized.


Let us walk into the "Great Discovery" together and start a journey of wisdom!

With a technological atmosphere and a virtual human-computer combination, it presents tourists in all directions and explains scientific knowledge. The Tree of Wisdom in the hall is composed of multiple LED screens. In addition to presenting popular science knowledge, it also projects the wonderful moments of tourists in real time. Here, the seeds of science germinate secretly in our hearts, and our curious desire to explore leads us on a journey of wisdom.


01 Eureka moment

"Eureka!" It is said that after getting the inspiration to measure the volume of the crown, Archimedes jumped out of the bathtub in surprise, and shouted this "Eureka", which has been dreamed of by scientists for more than two thousand years. Guided and accompanied by intelligent virtual humans, tourists start a smart trip and walk into the eureka moment of scientists.


02 Renaissance

A period of revolution in science and art. Gathered the top wise men in the world at that time, Newton, Kepler, Galileo... walked with the wise men in time and space, and communicated in depth.


03 Cross-Century Dialogue

According to the different contents discovered by scientists, combine art, content, technology, and innovation to create interesting, themed, and interactive methods of popular science, such as experience, participation, observation, and experimentation.


In the laboratory, observe the shape of bacteria through a microscope to simulate a bacterial battle; display the structure of the human body to increase children's understanding of themselves; simulate the interactive device of human tissue to see more internal shapes of the body.


04 Neoclassical period

Taking the steam age as the background, using steampunk art techniques, combining wax figures, and integrating technological innovation, it has created an interesting, themed, interactive, and entertaining science popularization venue.


05 Realism

Taking Darwin's origin of species as the background, create a jungle tribe with biodiversity, combine coffee, reading area and other functions to create a quiet and aerobic activity space.


06 Modern Art

Since the history of human civilization, human beings have never stopped exploring the vast starry sky. Exploring the vast universe is the common dream of all human beings. Use equipment and facilities to create a more realistic virtual experience and create a starry sky environment.


The "Great Discovery" themed wax figure science museum integrates art viewing, interactive installations, dynamic wax figures, popular science, and study tour experience, combined with pop-up themed shows, trendy play blind box cultural creation, wax figure unveiling, and online celebrity wax figure super talk, etc. This combination boxing method empowers urban cultural, commercial and tourism spaces such as cultural and tourism industries, commercial complexes, children's playgrounds, and science museums.


It is no longer possible for commercial space to attract consumers once and for all only by relying on their appearance. Many high-profile projects have accelerated the pace of entering the market, and these projects have emerged in the new consumption era and business environment, and may also bring about New surprises in commercial space iterations, like "great discoveries", are ready to go.


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