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Character Story | Elon Musk, a phenomenon level figure in the global business community | DXDF, Grand Orient Wax Figure

April 18, 2023
Character Story | Elon Musk, a phenomenon level figure in the global business community | DXDF, Grand Orient Wax Figure

Elon Musk's super factory confirmed in Shanghai

On April 9, Tesla announced that it will build a new super factory in Shanghai to produce the company's energy storage product Megapack. On the same day, the "Shanghai Release" revealed that Tesla's energy storage super factory project has settled in the Lingang New Area. The initial plan is to produce up to 10,000 commercial energy storage equipment per year, with an energy storage scale of nearly 40GWh, and the scope of product supply covers the global market.


In fact, this is Tesla's second super factory project in Lingang, Shanghai, and the second super factory dedicated to the production of Magepack besides the energy storage super factory in California.

Pyramids were built by aliens!

The "scientific madman" who is not surprised and dies endlessly

The world's richest man, Musk, is known as a "scientific madman". In addition to his business's contribution to science, it is also inseparable from his usual remarks that transcend science. Musk has made amazing remarks in public many times, including immigrating to Mars in 2029 and the pyramids being built by aliens.


Musk thinks humans will be able to colonize Mars by 2029

Musk has always been committed to Mars immigration, and his company SpaceX is a leader in this area. So far, SpaceX’s starship spacecraft is under intensive development, and this will be Musk’s trump card for Mars immigration.


Musk once said that human beings must become a multi-planetary species. Only in this way can we minimize the possible destructive harm to human civilization caused by the universe, such as asteroids hitting the earth. This is one of the reasons why he is pushing for the Mars immigration plan.

The pyramids were made by aliens

In addition to Mars immigration, Musk has also discussed topics that people talk about in public, such as the origin of the pyramids.

As the first of the top ten wonders of the world, the magnificence of the pyramid surpassed its era, so that many people thought that the pyramid was not something that the Egyptians could build at that time, so the pyramid derived many legends, the most of which is It being aliens who built the pyramids. Musk once publicly stated on Twitter that the pyramids were built by aliens!


There is a high probability that the world is illusory, and the possibility of reality is less than one percent

Musk, who is at the forefront of technology, once said that the chance of human beings living in the real world is very small, less than one in a billion. Musk's remarks were made at a global code conference held in California, USA. At that time, a reporter asked him, do human beings survive in the virtual world? Musk said yes, and continued to expand the topic, saying that we are likely to live in a simulated world created by code.


The Huffington Post later reported the visit, and Musk made headlines with his remarks. Later, much sci-fi film and television works abroad have been created with this point of view, such as "Ready Player One", "Hackers from Another Dimension", "The Matrix" and so on.


In recent years, Musk's brain holes have become bigger and bigger. The 51-year-old richest man has become a phenomenon-level figure in the global business community. What makes Musk, and what kind of person is he?


Musk's savage life

Born in South Africa in 1971, he learned programming at the age of 10, and designed a space game software at the age of 12, earning his first pot of gold in life. In 1992, at the age of 21, Musk entered the world's top business school - Wharton School of Business, successfully obtained a bachelor's degree in economics and physics, and decided to drop out of school to start a business while studying for a doctorate at Stanford.


During this period, he went through the IT industry, mobile payment industry, space exploration industry, and electric vehicle industry, becoming the richest man in the world. It took him only 26 years from leaving school to start his own business at the age of 24, to becoming the richest man in the world in 2021.


Musk is extremely talented, and his life can be called fierce. Among the many entrepreneurial projects, except for electric cars, which can be easily understood by people, the others are all "unbelievable", so that some people call him an "alien".


He plans to build an underground tunnel that runs through the continental United States. Tesla cars are driving on the tunnel. It only takes 45 minutes from Los Angeles to San Francisco to solve the problem of traffic congestion. He plans to immigrate people to Mars in order to deal with the earth's gradually harsh environment and climate. Like the government, he plans to deploy 42,000 satellites around the earth to improve communication efficiency.


He also plans to develop a Tesla terminal, similar to a mobile phone, that will link the Starlink in the sky with the cars on the ground. Elon Musk is not only a dreamer, but also a man of action. Tesla has been driving on roads in many countries, Starlink has launched 2,000 satellites, underground tunnels have also opened to traffic in Los Angeles, and space travel is also on the agenda.


While publicly calling for the suspension of AI research, while secretly developing an "AI version of WeChat"?

Of this year, ChatGPT brought AI intelligence into the public eye with a breakthrough. Prior to this, most Chinese people's impression of AI was still in smart home products such as sweeping robots. The advent of ChatGPT is undoubtedly a big step in cognition.


With the hot testing and application of ChatGPT, various AI products have sprung up like mushrooms after rain. At the same time, ChatGPT is rapidly iterating, and the dynamics are beyond people's imagination. Following ChatGPT-4, OpenAI announced on March 24 that it partially lifted the restriction that ChatGPT could not be connected to the Internet. Its CEO Sam Altman (Sam Altman) said, "We are starting to launch the ChatGPT plug-in, you can install the plug-in to help complete a variety of tasks." With the plug-in blessing, it means that ChatGPT can use other websites The /database can see the wider outside world, and can also perform safe and restricted operations on behalf of users, thereby improving the practicability of the entire system.


Musk's reservations about artificial intelligence seem to be a public matter. Previously, he has called artificial intelligence a dangerous technology more than once in public, and at the same time drew a clear line with Open AI. He also published an open letter calling for the suspension of AI large model training for half a year and strengthening the supervision of AI technology together with the leaders of the artificial intelligence research community and industry.


But under the current surging wave of artificial intelligence, is Musk really uninterested in artificial intelligence and unwavering in his position, as he himself said? There are indications that it does not seem to be the case.


The latest news shows that Musk recently purchased 10,000 GPUs for Twitter to promote a brand-new AI project, and it is very likely that he is developing his own large language model. In addition, Musk has recently been poaching corners in the field of artificial intelligence, and there is a posture of going to a big fight.

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