Character Story

Character Story | Steve Jobs, an American hero who has experienced ups and downs but never falls

March 31, 2023

In 2011, a man who changed the world left forever the world he loved so much. Since then, the world has lost a genius, but he tells us with his deeds: People live to change the world.



21-year-old Jobs founded Apple in his garage



Introduced an all-in-one computer with a color display that changed the future of computing



Created the world's first all-in-one computer with graphic interface



Apple has fallen into a predicament, and after returning, it has boldly innovated



He took the iPod out of his pocket and pocketed 1,000 songs



Introduce the iPhone and tell us what a smartphone is


Year 2008

He took out the Mac Book air from the file bag and told us what is thin


year 2010

He was crazy, launched the iPad, and told us what a tablet is


year 2011

october 5 left us forever


A combination of genius and jerk, irritability, selfishness, neglect of family and friends, a lot of the dark side of Jobs can be seen from the "Steve Jobs Biography", this book is also recognized by Apple executives and friends around Jobs not agree. Later, another book "Becoming Jobs" was praised by Apple staff and people close to Jobs, but Jobs in the latter book was not a "perfect entrepreneur" in the traditional sense.


He takes LSD, walks barefoot, wears scruffy jeans, lives in a commune, believes in Buddhism, arrogantly thinks he knows everything, and is extremely rude...


What he showed the world was never what a "perfect entrepreneur" should be. As he grew older, Jobs slowly showed a gentler side of human nature, but his "characteristics" did not disappear , he just learned to control.


Jobs, who was born in San Francisco, USA, was born to Syrian immigrant parents. When he was in college, he became pregnant out of wedlock. The woman's family strongly opposed the marriage, so Jobs was given to a pair of blue-collar workers for adoption.


The psychological shadow of childhood did not fade away quickly in Jobs' life. He is extremely demanding and vulnerable, intelligent and withdrawn, controlling and often expresses dissatisfaction with the world. Jobs always believed that he was a different person.


Jobs' innovation is like an angel, and Jobs' temper is like a devil. He is such a technology giant with "angels and devils" in one body, so many people love and hate him. The Apple founder once fired employees in elevators, and berating underperforming executives was routine. He was even dismissed by the board of directors because of his bad temper, and kicked out of the Apple company he founded.


There was an interesting post on Quora: Jobs had a bad temper and was not good at communicating with people, but he was still able to rally a group of the best people to work for him. In the post, Scott Dunlap believes: "Jobs can see both the present and the future clearly. If you have worked with these people, your career height will be elevated. They are your best career guidance. division."


Business is business! Love vinyl but create iPod


The iPod built by Jobs has almost changed the way the world listens to music. However, he is a hardcore audiophile and is very addicted to high-fidelity audio.


It is said that Jobs only listened to vinyl at home. For a while, Jobs, who was single, simply lived in a bare apartment because he couldn't find the furniture that met his ideals.


It was circa 1982, and photographer Diana Walker took a photo of him in his California home: a room without a bed, just a lamp, a record player, some stereo equipment and a small stack of records.


Veteran rock star Neil Young once said: "Steve Jobs is the pioneer of digital music. He left a huge legacy to the world. However, he listened to vinyl records when he went home."


Jobs is considered an iconic figure in the computer industry and entertainment industry , and he is also regarded as the Macintosh computer . iPod, iTunes, iPad, iPhone, these electronic products are popular with hundreds of millions of people all over the world , and have profoundly changed the way of modern communication, entertainment and even life .

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