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Character Story | The rising star of football - Mbappe | DXDF, Grand Orient Wax Figure

December 14, 2022
Character Story | The rising star of football - Mbappe | DXDF, Grand Orient Wax Figure

At only 18 years old, he became the second most expensive star in the world


Kylian Mbappe, full name Kylian Sanmi Mbappe Lotan, was born on December 20, 1998 in Bondi, Seine-Saint-Denis, France. He is a French professional football player and a striker on the field. Paris Saint-Germain football club in the French Football League.


Mbappe 's father is a football coach and his mother is a handball player. Mbappe, who was born in a sports family , inherited the athletic talent of his father and mother. At the age of 4, his father took him by his side and let him get in touch with football. At the age of 5, he joined the team coached by his father. Due to his father's special "care", Mbappe had to face older opponents, but he could always adapt quickly and made rapid progress. 

At the age of 11, he joined the most famous youth football talent base in France— — Clairefontaine National Football Academy. He has been practicing skills diligently while possessing talent. Since then, his focused training attitude, excellent ball feel, and solid foundation have all been developed at this time.

The 2016-17 season was the season in which Mbappé truly became a top player. In this season, he made Monaco a veritable "big dark horse". In the league, he scored 15 goals and sent 7 assists, and even completed his first hat-trick in Ligue 1 against Metz. The most important thing is to help the team beat Paris to win the league championship. 

In the Champions League, Mbappe scored consecutive goals in the knockout stage and became the hero of eliminating Blue Moon. Facing Dortmund in the quarter-finals, Mbappe scored 3 goals himself. Although they lost to Juventus in the semi-finals, they still scored 1 goal.

It is the amazing performance of this season that makes Mbappe the target of competition among the major giants. Teams including Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal and others all want to recruit this player, and even visited France after the season to try to convince Mbappe and his family. It was not until the last day of the end of the transfer window that Paris Saint-Germain announced the joining of Mbappe. The total loan and buyout fee was as high as 180 million euros, making Mbappe, who was only 18 years old, the second most expensive player in the world. The star, second only to new teammate Neymar.


Mbappe dissatisfied with Messi becoming the boss of the dressing room?


According to the "Parisian", when Messi joined Paris, Mbappe was actually very unhappy, because his arrival meant that Mbappe's status in Paris continued to decline. In particular, the arrival of Messi made the South American players significantly stronger than the French players. At that time, the French players headed by Mbappe were very dissatisfied. After renewing his contract with Paris, Mbappe’s request was to become the real core of the team. , and even asked not to participate in the defense.


In a recent interview with the media, Mbappé revealed why he wanted to leave Paris. In the interview, Mbappe expressed his admiration and respect for Messi, and thought it was incredible that he played with a great player. 

He said that he first proposed to leave the team in July this year. At that time, he did not know that Messi was about to join Greater Paris. So the reason for wanting to leave Paris has nothing to do with Messi, and at the same time he said that he would not change his mind about leaving the team because of Messi's arrival.


Will Messi, Neymar and Mbappé of Paris meet in the semi-finals ?

Worth looking forward to!

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