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Character Story 丨Hollywood superstar Bruce suffers from aphasia | DXDF, Grand Orient Wax Figure

November 22, 2022

Buck Buck Bruce


Bruce was born in West Germany in 1955. His mother was German and his father was an American GI stationed in Germany. At that time, the aftermath of World War II had not subsided, and the Cold War had begun. After Bruce's father retired from the military, the family moved back to New Jersey, USA. Many people can't imagine that Bruce, who swept the big screen with his tough guy image, spent his childhood in the bullying of his classmates.


In 2016, Bruce Willis sobbed as he received an honorary award from the American Society for the Study of Stuttering. Bruce recalled that he had a stutter since he was 6 years old. This defect made Bruce feel a little inferior, and the disappointment shown by his parents brought a huge burden to his young heart. He didn't get enough care at home, and he had to endure more insults when he went to school—he was nicknamed "buck-buck" by his classmates, which was extremely insulting. It is not difficult to imagine how badly Bruce was bullied in his childhood. This kind of experience is in huge contrast with his image as an action movie superstar in the future.


However, Bruce is not a person willing to succumb to fate. Bruce tried his best to fight his stuttering. He found that his stuttering eased when he was performing on stage, joined a drama club, and fell in love with acting right away. Finally, after Bruce graduated from high school, Bruce, who was an acting lover/no longer stuttered, went smoothly to work as a security guard.


A counterattack life with a very "drama" color


After working as a security guard for several years, Bruce felt that there was no future and made up his mind to turn his career to theatre. He majored in comedy at Montclair State University in New Jersey. In 1977, he graduated from college, moved to Manhattan, New York, and finally successfully transformed from an amateur performer to a professional bartender.


After working as a bartender in the kitchen for several years, Bruce's opportunity finally came.


In 1985, Bruce was selected to star in the sitcom "Moonlighting" in a competition of 3,000 people. "Moonlighting" lasted for four years and five seasons, and Bruce won an Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award. Relying on the addition of double awards, Bruce Willis finally got the stepping stone to enter the film industry.


In 1987, as a comedian, he starred in his first romantic comedy film "Blind date", followed by a western film "Sunset". It's just that the response of these two films was mediocre, and they failed to bring much change to Bruce's career. Until the action movie "Die Hard" came to the door.


"Die Hard" set off a storm that year . In 1988, the film, which was estimated to cost between 25 million and 35 million, made $140 million at the box office in one fell swoop, breaking the box office record for an action movie and becoming the tenth highest-grossing movie of the year. It also won four Oscar nominations . Protagonist Bruce Willis catapulted to A-list movie stardom.


From "Tough Guy" to "Golden Raspberry Award Regular"

Willis was once the highest-paid actor in the world, and he is still the actor who best represents the "tough guy hero" in the hearts of many movie fans. Because "Die Hard" left a deep impression on people, when he tried other styles of roles, the audience couldn't buy it, and the critics also ridiculed him in every possible way. Willis's next few films, the box office plummeted.


only regained his reputation in 1994 when he played boxer Buzz in Tarantino 's "Pulp Fiction" but other actors outshined him and his career remained in an awkward position. Before he was diagnosed with aphasia, that is, in 2021, he also created an astonishing statistic of making 8 movies a year. Even though every movie was bad, he won the Golden Raspberry Special Award and became a new generation of "bad movie". King of Movies". But even though he was spurned and hated by others, Bruce still did not give up acting.


The 67-year-old hero's condition worsened


At the end of March this year, Bruce Willis' family and his ex-wife issued a joint statement stating that Bruce had experienced some health problems and was diagnosed with aphasia, which affected his cognitive abilities. Therefore, after careful consideration, Bruce decided to quit the film industry.


In any case, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a bad movie or not. This former movie superstar has indeed brought us wonderful and unforgettable memories of the era. He has become a symbol, representing the spirit of a tough guy who refuses to admit defeat. Silence speaks louder than words.

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