Zhongshan Grand Orient

Wax Art Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Grand Orient Wax Art Co., Ltd. focus on waxworks creation & waxworks culture promotion. We created more than 600 wax figures, which can be found in museums, wax museum, exhibition centers all over the world. The company successfully built & operated more than 30 wax museums, which located in Malaysia and China.

We believed that the wax museums of China with national brand will be located all over the world in the near future. 

We are not only creating a piece of wax figure, but also spreading a kind of culture.


01.Measurements Collection

02.Clay Model Creation

03.Finished Clay Model Compared with Real Person

04.Making Mould

05.Try-on Clothes

06.Color Processing

07.Hair Insert

08.Beard Insert

09.Top Artist Inspection

10.Finished Statue

11.Unveil Wax Figure

12.Unveil Wax Figure