8 Designing Tips for Successful Exhibition in Wax Statue Museum | DXDF, Grand Orient Wax Figure

October 14, 2022
8 Designing Tips for Successful Exhibition in Wax Statue Museum | DXDF, Grand Orient Wax Figure

Compared with other products, the product has more obvious advantages of longer service life and more stable performance which have been tested by authoritative third parties.


Q:What is your warranty?

A:Because all figures need make up on face and hands,there will be some fade issues after a long time,regular maintenance will be necessary for figures every 6 months.we provide a year free maintenance, after that we provide free labor,but the ticket fare and lodging fee of the trip will charge back.   We will teach our customers do routine attention for figures to make sure the statues perfect every day.

Q:Do you guys make statues from pictures?

A:The answer is yes,we are trying to get more celebrities authorization,but most of celebrities statues still need to be made from pictures yet, and for old people we can only make their statues from pictures.

Q:What kind of shipping you use?

A:Consider the volume is huge, sea shipment will be better, so if you want to have an order, you had better send us your order information early.  Sure,the air shipment or express is operational.


1.One of the oldest institutions engaged in the creation of wax figure in China, our brand image is very good and now it’s growing fast;

2.No one can match with us so far as quality is concerned in China,our statues gives you an edge over your competitors;

3.We are the only wax figure factory able to get celebrities authorization in China,more than 100 celebrities has gave the permission for free, you can trust our ability on custom statues , we will be the long term cooperation partner;

4.Leading team of top Chinese artists, we have numerous government and social resources that are helping our brand become more stronger;

About DXDF,Grand Orient Wax Figure

Zhongshan Grand Orient Wax Art Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest organizations making waxwork creations in China. We have been specializing in waxwork study and creation for nearly 20 years.(Grand Orient subordinated to Elephant Sculpture Art, which was established in 2000,the group company has played the leading role in wax figures creation, and design,decoration/construction for wax museum and indoor & outdoor theme park.). Our team consisting of the R&D team, sculptor team,3D team, production team, and after sales team. A total of 20 artists are responsible for the appearance of the statues. Now we have our own national brand wax museum “Wei Mu Kai La”

The waxworks are widely received by the community and highly recognized by social elites, celebrities and stars. We are authorized by more than 100 celebrities from China and abroad. And our wax museum “Wei Mu Kai La” also growing fast in important culture and tourism cities at home and abroad, including Malaysia, Guangzhou, Changsha, Xiamen, Dalian, Lijiang and Tibet etc. The Chinese brand wax museum is born.

There are many benefits to travel. Discovering new cultures, enjoying exotic cuisine, and experiencing unique customs, to name a few. We’d like to add one more often overlooked benefit to that list: visiting wax statues (also silicone sculptures) in museums in cities worldwide. Think about it – each museum features celebrities and dignitaries unique to that locale. They each tell of the history and lifeblood unique to that destination.

And it seems that travelers all over the world agree. In the age of TikTok videos and Instagram likes, the popularity of celebrity culture is more popular than ever before. But while social media may give us access to Hollywood stars virtually, it’s the wax statues in museums that offer that tangible, lifelike quality.

For this reason, the design and layout of the wax statue museum remain an integral part of creating that unforgettable customer experience. So let’s delve into eight top tips for museum design.


Top 8 Tips for Museum Design

1. Audience research

The first step to crafting that one-of-a-kind wax statue experience is to think like the consumer. Pinpoint who will be visiting the museum and then take a walk in their shoes – literally. Create profiles or personas of your customers based on the demographics of either the existing customers you already have, or those you hope to attract in the surrounding area. Use this data to tailor your museum to appeal directly to those customers.

2. Collect stories about the wax statues of celebrities

What’s a surefire way to make visitors feel welcome at your museum exhibit? Make them feel a part of the story you’re telling. After all, they are the ones who will be interacting with the wax statutes on offer. Create dedicated pockets of historical artifacts or moments in time to draw visitors into the stories around the wax statues. Tempting as it may be to focus on only broad concepts, consider getting as specific as possible. 

Use emotion and sentiment to create an immersive experience for your guests. Sure, they may be wax statues, but they’re also based on real people.

3. Create a linear flow through the exhibition

On the topic of immersion, try using the age-old storytelling technique of chronology to tell your stories. Think of your museum exhibit as a timeline through history. The aim is to walk your visitors through the past by means of wax statues from times gone by. Make use of labels, graphics, signage, and interactive technology to further progress the stories you’re telling. What better way to spend an afternoon than a walkthrough of different eras in time?


4. Use graphic design

Technology has come a long way since the days of the first wax museum in 1835. These days, we have the wonders of state-of-the-art graphic design to bring wax statue exhibits to life. Everything from banners to ornate set pieces can go a long way in organizing the orderly flow of traffic within the exhibit space. From the visitor’s perspective, they become a living, moving part of the display instead of just a casual observer. What could be a better experience for a celebrity fan?

5. Enhance the sense of interaction

Interactive, hands-on experiences are the benchmarks of gaming conventions and exhibits. Take a leaf out of their books by bringing gamification into your wax statue space, regardless of your budget. Something as simple as a treasure hunt can provide immersive fun for the whole family. On the opposite end of the scale, digital displays with clickable elements and augmented reality can take your wax statue experience to a whole new level.

6. Divide into sections

We’ve mentioned the importance of linear storytelling in arranging your wax statues of celebrities. Take this one step further by breaking up your stories into smaller, easily digestible chunks. Help your visitors move from one group of wax statues to another by grouping them into clearly defined sections. You can even create some unexpected drama by throwing in some cheeky twists along the way!

7. Adopt technologies

On the topic of twists and turns, what could be more exciting than audio and video to take your visitors back to a memorable moment in time? Use the advances in gaming tech to make your guests a substantial part of the wax statue display. Imagine the looks of shock and delight as a silicone structure suddenly starts singing a well-known song to unsuspecting visitors.

8. Plan a clear touring route

As a final step in your design, ask yourself what it is you’d like to achieve with your exhibit of wax statues. Is the aim to entertain, educate or inspire? Is the tone meant to be family-friendly, or are you aiming for more serious and highbrow? Answering these questions ahead of time will help to clarify all future decision-making you’ll need to make.


Wrapping Up

With all the planning in place, you need a reliable retailer for not only wax statues but also the finest technology available too. Grand Orient Wax Art has everything you need in one place!

Nearly 20 years in the industry of wax statues has resulted in a team of experts ready to assist you with all your museum exhibit needs. We offer not only vivid wax statues to take your exhibit space up a notch but also professional suggestions about how to perfectly accomplish a wax museum project. Browse through a premium choice of the finest wax statues on the market today. Your next wax statue exhibit has officially been upgraded, all thanks to Grand Orient Wax Art!


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