'Singer 2024' Sparks a Battle to Defend the Mandarin Music Scene,Netizens Go Crazy Begging: Hurry Up and Save Ying Zi!

May 30, 2024
'Singer 2024' Sparks a Battle to Defend the Mandarin Music Scene,Netizens Go Crazy Begging: Hurry Up and Save Ying Zi!

"Ye Hena Lashi's Battle with the Foreigners"

"A 50-Year-Old Grandmother Guards the National Border"

"Who Will Save Na Ying, She Seems to Be Breaking Down"

Just Because the Highly Anticipated Return of 'Singer' After 4 Years.

International Contestants Outperforming Chinese Contestants.

Netizens Can't Sit Still!!!

An Ordinary Music Competition Show Has Been Turned Into a 'Battle to Defend the Chinese Music Industry' by Netizens".

01 "The Singer 2024" keeps getting hot

Live broadcasting, open microphones, no audio editing, and real-time release of scores.The latest season of "Singer 2024" is clearly different from the pre-recorded format of previous domestic variety shows.

In the first episode, the seven debut singers - Na Ying, Hailai Ailu, Second Hand Rose, Rainie Yang, Wang Sulong, Chanté Moore, and Faouzia - took the stage one by one.


The two international contestants showcased their powerful vocals and secured the top two spots. In contrast, the domestic singers appeared overly nervous,with stiff body movements, off-key singing, and unsatisfactory live performances. Even the veteran singer Na Ying could only rank third.

Some netizens have made comparison images, describing the international contestants as being at "Grammy level" (the highest award in the music industry), while the Chinese Mandopop singers, except for Na Ying who can compete at the "Golden Melody Awards" level, are jokingly referred to as being at the "strawberry music festival," "Starlight Avenue," or "Chinese New Year Gala" level.


Reviewing the live performances, the champion of this episode was the 57-year-old American singer Chanté Moore, who delivered a fluid and captivating rendition of "If I Ain't Got You". Her final series of whistling notes left the audience feeling as if they were being lifted to the heavens.


The post-00s Canadian contestant Faouzia, who debuted at the age of 15 and has participated in various international singing competitions, showcased her rich competitive experience.From the moment she opened her mouth,she stunned the audience with her skills and secured the runner-up position.


Based on the results of previous variety shows, it was widely expected that with Na Ying's participation, the champion title would be a foregone conclusion,as she is often referred to as being able to "outperform two people". However, this time was an exception. After performing her signature song "Default", Na Ying had to be supported by the wall as she walked off the stage, saying, "I was too nervous! I almost lost my soul." Despite this, Na Ying still managed to secure the third place, which was the best performance among the Chinese Mandopop singers that night.

As for the singers ranked fourth to seventh, their performances were less than satisfactory. Netizens suddenly realized that Na Ying was the only Chinese Mandopopsinger on stage who could truly compete and deliver a noteworthy performance.Restless netizens, unable to bear watching Na Ying "sail against the wind" alone on stage,began frantically searching for other strong singers in their hearts, hoping that someone would come and save the day to restore the honor of Chinese Mandopop music.

02 The Battle to Defend the Chinese Music Scene, with the Entire Internet Frantically Calling for Help

There is currently the Phoenix Legend (Fenghuang Chuanqi) touring nationwide.

There is also Gong Linna.


Of course, there is also Sun Nan, who holds the title of the "Number One Male Singer" in the Chinese music industry, blessed with a naturally gifted voice.

                                                                                                                                                         ▲ The "WeiMuKaiLa"wax work 《Sun Nan》

Sun Nan's comment section has also become a "large-scale national salvation" stage for netizens.


Although during the third season of "Singer", Sun Nan suddenly withdrew from the grand finale, when he participated in "Shengsheng Buxi - Family New Year Celebration" in December 2023,he spoke about his withdrawal from that year, saying that his former self was too afraid of losing, but now he is just the singer from Dalian, here to sing what he wants to sing the most for everyone.With his outstanding vocal skills and stable performance, Sun Nan has frequently delivered iconic moments in "Shengsheng Buxi", once again garnering a massive number of fans.

                                                                                                                                          ▲ The "WeiMuKaiLa"wax work 《Sun Nan》

In order to save the situation, netizens have turned their pleas towards Teacher Cai Guoqing, earnestly calling for him to come down from the island he is currently participating in the variety show "This is My Island" to guard the national border.When it comes to singing ability, Teacher Cai is state-certified, holding the title of singer for the PLA General Political Department Song and Dance Troupe, with exceptional vocal skills that can withstand the challenge.

                                                                                                                                                     ▲ The "WeiMuKaiLa"wax work 《Sun Nan》 

Netizens are also pleading for help from other top Chinese singers like G.E.M., Tia Ray, Jane Zhang, etc. to join the "battle" to defend the Chinese music scene.

03 The "Singers Go to War" Fever - Where Do the Singers Go from Here?

In the midst of this wave of netizens calling for singers to "go to war", one of the most vociferous calls has been for Han Hong, who responded swiftly and was the first to step forward and volunteer. This has once again set the hot search topics ablaze.


The innate songstress A-Lin has also quickly followed the trending news and initiated her own call to join the "battle", reigniting the fervor among singers.

As the discussion continues to gain intense momentum, Hunan TV's "Singer" program has responded, emphasizing that the show has a rigorous competition system and open, fair performance rules,and will extend invitations based on the singers' schedules for the subsequent stages.


The hot topics surrounding "Singer 2024" continue to emerge endlessly, as everyone is eagerly anticipating their favorite powerful singers to take the stage and "save the nation". What contestants will appear next? And what new hot topics will be born? The live broadcasts every Friday at 8:00 PM are truly something to look forward to.

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The "WeiMuKaiLa"Wax Museum

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